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She' s working much better with the King and Queen than Raoul, sometimes. ("Raoul gets along better with Thayet."). They also founded the Queen's Riders. Looking for a portrait painting of Thayet.

That infamous pink woven dress that Thayet ruined while riding to help a group of riders in need.

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In 439 HE Jonathan IV of Conté (kohn-TAY), named Jon by his closest acquaintances and his whole household, was coronated king of Tortall,[2] although his rule began the year before with the demise of his sire. It was the only son of King Roald of Conté and his Queen Lianne. The lioness Jonathan was the boyfriend and enthusiast of Alanna and good buddies with Raoul von Goldenlake, his cousins Gary von Naxen and Veralidaine Sarrasri.

In 439 HE he remarried Thayet Julian Wilima, the daugther of a fallen lord of the war, who became his queen and co-regent. As the only son of King Roald and Queen Lianne von Tortall, Jonathan was borne in 416 U[2]. Displacing his co-principal Roger von Conté as successor to the Crown, he became him.

At the age of 3, Jonathan's mom gave mother a still-born baby and could not become infant afterwards. Jonathan began his apprenticeship as a Tortallan knight, as was usual for the Tortallanese. He thought that his tribe would be more willing to obey a sovereign who was also a chevalier than one who was not.

Raoul von Goldenlake, his close friend, his co-worker Gary, Franz von Nond and Alexander von Tirragen were his best known. During Jonathan's third year, Alanna of Trebond came to the Palast as a page, dressed as a young lad called " Alan " to join the side train. Soon after Jonathan selected Gary as her patron, she quickly became part of the Prince's group.

He was a big part of Alanna's system of assistance in her struggle against Ralon von Malven, and took a moment with her to declare mobbing. Raoul Ralon was there when he was beaten on the side's practice ground and when Alanna Ralon won 430U just before midwinter. Tortall received 431 HE in March, the sweat sickness sent by Duke Roger of Conté in a magical way.

and at the end of the first morning was in delirium. Since all the Palestinians were weaker from the disease before he became ill, Jonathan's only preoccupation was Alanna. She used her magic gift of healing to call on the goddess' strength to help her rescue Jon after all the spontaneous healings she had first tried had gone wrong.

Alanna was able to rescue Jon from the dark God between life and death with the help of the goddess and bring him back with her. Just before his fifteenth anniversary in August of the same year, his brother Roger came to the Palast after traveling from Karthak to the northern hemisphere, where he was when the sweat sickness struck Corus.

This autumn Jonathan Alanna travelled with him to the lower town and was presented to the King of Thieves, George Cooper. Using a ring of sapphires to pay the cost of Alanna's new filly Moonlight (a present from George), George Jonathan gave a dark stud, Darkess, and said the ring would also pay its own rent.

Soon Jonathan and George became good buddies, and Jon often went to the dance didve with Alanna and Gary. Jonathan, who inherited the Tortallan crown, was his father's miner. The miners and Alanna Lord Martin escorted Martin from Meron to Persopolis in the Great South Desert in the 433 HEs.

He persuaded his uncles, Duke Gareth, to let the site "Alan" go along, because the site already spend a great deal of work with the herders. These miners had previously been told by Duke Roger not to go to the Black City, as it is a menace. AIanna was with him and tried to get him to give up, but he did not.

In the course of their fight Jonathan learnt that "Alan" was really Alanna, a little woman. With the Ysandir shattered by their combination of sorcery and sword fighting, Jon Alanna pledged that he would take them in as miners as soon as he had his brace. Defeated a knight, Jonathan took Alanna of Trebond as his knight's knight, as he had been told.

It was important for him to keep her real sex from her other buddies, Duke Roger, and her other masters. While in office as a knightly leader, Jonathan and Alanna had a romance that became sexually charged on Alanna's 17th year. Before she became involved, Jonathan had a connection with the aristocrat Delia von Eldorne, who is also said to have been the lover of his cousin Duke Roger.

Soon after Jonathan received his shields, the Tusaine war erupted in 435 U[2] and was a territory conflict for the Drell River Valley, which was hidden in the Tusaine Mountains and marking the boundary. Nearly killed by a murderer in a forest, Alanna discovered the archer and almost pushed him off the horse to protect Jonathan.

Frankly, he resisted his father's orders that none of his men should be crossing the Drell River to save Alanna, who had been captured. Eventually he managed to save Alanna before someone realised that "Alan" was indeed a little bit of a little boy. And he took his own prisoners: the brethren of King Ain of Tusaine, Duke Hilam and Count Jemis.

One part of the agreement stated that the Tusaine administration would lose all right to the valley and would never again begin a tortall battle for its rule. He was dying in that service, but he still lives in Jonathan. Staying with the Bloody Hawk people, Jon suggested marrying Alanna.

Delaying to give him an explanation, she cared to settle down and become queen. Finally, she refused his suggestion during an altercation, and left Jon and Alanna in rage. While they were separated, Jonathan took more care of the charms and rituals of other young court ladies[3] and performed a short mating with Josiane Rittevon, copper island prince.

This he did at his mother's command and to annoy Alanna. He and Princess Josiane left after a while when he realized their ferocity and he was sick of spitting on Alanna, who wasn't even there. Whilst Alanna was far away, Queen Lianne fell victim to a deadly disease and passed away.

King Roald commited his own death in mourning and sorrow. After the death of his father and mother in 439 U[2], Jonathan successfully completed the test of his king and took the crown. When Alanna found the jewel of domination in the roof of the world and fought against the Chitral being, she went back to Corus. We have had a time of anger when everyone believed that King Jonathan would be able to govern the empire properly.

It was Jonathan who took the Dominion Jewel in private and in a small audiences consisting of his uncles Duke Gareth, Gary the Younger, Raoul of Goldenlake and the Lord Provost, who was never mentioned during this time. It also conferred on Alanna the crown of King Master, who began to reject him, but was in the minority that told her she was worth it.

It was Jonathan who also befriended Thayet, a young Alanna travel guide who only wanted to become a Tortall object and give up her precious origins. JONATAN also encountered Liam Ironarm, the Shang dragon and Alanna's lovers during their journeys. It also gave George Cooper the Pirate's Swoop Sanctuary and a reprieve for all the other man's deeds as the villain and a petty criminal.

He persuaded George that this was not out of love and for a few good causes. This was because he did not want to see his good buddy hang when the Lord Provost eventually got George, and the other was that he needed George for spying and wanted to know what was going on in his area.

A few inches into the fight, George agreed. It was followed on the crowning date by a fight begun by Duke Roger and Alexander of Tirragen. Herzog Roger also had ambitions to devastate Tortall with great quakes and not to govern as he once did. It was Jonathan who used the Dominion Jewel to defend his race and to counter Roger's magic-sentences.

In the early 439s Jon was formally coronated King of Tortall. In 439 HE, Jonathan remarried Princess Thayet and ensured that she was his match for him. That is unlike any other Tortallan monarch, for Queen Lianne was not given equality in politics, and Queen Jessamine was not on an egalitarian basis, but consulted him on state issues.

Thayet gave birth to the first baby of the pair, a princ. Well, they called the kid after Jon's dad, Lord Roald. One year later they had a daugther, and this year she was appointed after Thayet's dam, Princess Kalasin. Jonathan and his queen adopted a bill in 442 ER[2] that allowed precious women to become knights.

When Thayet talked to Jon, she said she wanted to name the young Liam after Liam Ironarm. At 449 U the Emperor meets a very interesting figure, Veralidaine Sarrasri. He greeted them at the royal household. Among his then policy advisors were the Lords Councils, the Councils of Commons, the Councils of Mages and his personal counsel, chaired by Gary, which comprised Alanna and Numair[6].

When Daine had saved the life of his spouse and kids with her ferocious witchcraft, the queen and queen provided the little woman with a home. And they became good mates, which Daine, as an ordinary Snowsdale Galla woman, would never have dreamt of. At 450U, Jon Numair and Daine had a number of Queen's Rider disappeared in or near a fiefdom named Dunlath investigated.

She and her man Belden overthrew the queen and queen and took their place as queen. At 452 U, Jon and Thayet's foe Ozorne merged with Uusoae, Queen of the Chaos Empires. Thereupon Ozorne was defeated, and her boyfriends and girlfriends put Uusoae under pressure.

That brought him the frozen shoulders of Queen Thayet. Only when the instructor was threatening to step down and abandon Jonathan without significant assistance from fine Chinese academics did the King agree to give Keladry probation. As Kel found out, King Jonathan was angry at what she felt was unjust duplicity, and her attitudes towards him stayed bad throughout the entire Quartett, although she shared his advanced political ideas.

His Majesty King Jonathan attended the pages quite often to give talks and to tell them how important they were for the empire. When the Carthakis' menace diminished with Kaddar Iliniat's rise to Karthakithron, Emperor Ozorne's son Princess Fazia, Jonathan made further efforts to form a marriage union between Kaddar and his eldest son Kalasin.

He was his oldest son, Prince Roald, in May 454 ER. Instead, Prince Roald was taken over by Imrah von Legann. He asked the king and queen to amend the bill, and Jon and Thayet consented that it stank of slavery[8]. At 460 U the battle between Scanra and Tortall was proclaimed.

Also after the destroying of the killers the battle was not over, because they still had to battle the Scanran clan under Maggur and chase the warlords themselves[12]. Aly' s dad and the Pirate's Swoop count George Cooper had been telling Jon in the hopes that the Magician could help her.

By mistake Jon let Aly's disappeared to his king master Alanna the lioness, who fought against Scanrans in the course of the battle and was still based in Frasrlund, slide out. Georges didn't tell Alanna because he didn't want his missus to be worried and make a mistake in the fight. And Jonathan has got shiny coal-black hairdos and sapphire-blue eye.

15 ] Jon is described as very pretty by several folks, including Alanna of Pirates' Swoop (or Alanna the Lioness), Keladry of Mindelan and Veralidaine Sarrasri. And Jonathan has a very powerful will. As the Tortallan armies gather to battle Tusaine, Jon also keeps a clear mind when Duke Gareth gets injured.

It does this to bring Tortall and the Bazhire Tribal peoples together and reduces tension. Later Jonathan bears his sorrow for his deceased father and mother, while he takes the chair in the midst of the dispute over his deceased cousin's revival and tries to ruin Tortall. AIanna observes his unstable and unripe behaviour. AIanna blames him for being pampered, leading to her most serious and exciting quarrel and the breakup of her romance.

But when Alanna comes back from the roof of the world with Dominion Jewel, he asks her if she still wants to get married to him, just as he is or will be very honourable after the deaths of his family. As Keladry von Mindelan and Raoul von Goldenlake speak about him after the Joren von Stone Mountain case, Raoul says Jonathan is much more complex than what he was as a kid and teen.

Rayoul thinks that Jon and Kel were in agreement to amend the Act for a number of different purposes; to amend a clearly right-wing Act to make Kel appear more likeable to him and to bring Kel more on his side. Jonathan is shown that he has developed from a rebellious teenage man into a self-confident and charming leader who tries to grasp all sides of history and all prospects and use them to his own benefit.

Her dedication to each other becomes apparent when Jonathan almost died of sweat sickness and during the many diseases of Queen Lianne. In spite of his affection for his dad, Jon does not always endorse King Roald's policy-making. He is most strongly disapproved of the Tusaine War when Roald gives the order not to pass the Drell River.

The Peace-Keeper ". Jon thinks that Roald is too anxious not to lose his name. As Alanna is captured, Jon frankly resists his father's order and traverses the stream to save his mate. He also criticises his father's choice to take his own lives after Queen Lianne's kill.

Having taken the chair, Jon makes it clear that he will not be following his father's example of passiveness and peacekeeping.

Only after Roger had made further attacks on his life and that of his boyfriends, Jon began to distrust his coz. As Alanna accused Roger of killing the members of the King's household and taking the king's crown, Jonathan believed her. When Roger returns from his sorcerer's sleep, Jon never relies on Roger again as his advisers are watching him and his team.

Surprisingly for everyone except Alanna, Roger tried to take over Tortall during Jon's crown. When Thayet comes back from her trip to Dominion Jewel, she will accompany Alanna. Sometime after Jon was appointed King of Tortall, they are engaged and finally have six kids. After that Thayet moved to another part of the castle for a year until she forgiven him for tampering with his daughters and adopting a hypocrite attitude towards the wives and the struggle.

He has a caring but sometimes strained relation to his boy Roald. The name Roald comes from his father's father and seems to come after him in the wild. Whilst King Jonathan is a determined innovator and capable magician, Roald is never seen with his gift. As Jonathan was a side, he showed his mockery for Ralon von Malven and clearly preferred his mates.

Lord Gareth von Naxen is Jonathan's motherly uncles. and later, when he became president, he became one of Jon's advisors. And Gareth was one of the most reliable advisors to the royal family of Roald. When Jon and Alanna first came to the Royal Palace to practice for their chivalry, dressed as the young "Alan", they got together.

You quickly became good buddies. Jon Alanna made a proposal in the wilderness, and they fought and parted furiously. They were both too obstinate and spirited, and Alanna did not want the responsibilities of a prospective queen, as she wanted to become a knightess. The two stayed separated until Alanna and Dominion Jewel came back to Tortall.

When she returned, Jon kept his promise and said that his suggestion would still hold if she accepted it, even though he was already drawn to Thayet. AIanna said she would not make a good queen, concluding the issue once and for all and exonerating them both.

Then Jon and Alanna became royal masters and advisers to the LORD. As Keladry of Mindelan asked Mindelan for approval to begin knighthood education, Jonathan Wyldon of Cavall, the conservation instructor, permitted the young woman to be put on parole. and Alanna was angry with Jonathan and declined to go into the castle.

For years Alanna declined to speak to Jon and also declined to go to the Imperial Palaces, despite her title as King's Champion. Lord/Raoul and Jon were best buddies while they were pages, and Raoul was part of the Prince's group that later adopted Page Alan of Trebond. When they were a knight and Jon was crown, he gave Raoul very honourable positions, such as the king's order.

When Raoul had killed a giants, the Emperor gave him the name Lord of Malorie's Peak for his work during the Immortal War to complement his others. Into 456 U and forth, Raoul and Jon's relation became very tense since Raoul did not like what the King was planning for him and his troupe, feeling that Jon wasted good men by making them dance for the royal progress when they could do something useful on the court.

A never-ending puzzle of cats and mice, Raoul used every possible pretext to keep away from the monarchy and partys. While in the hands of the goddess Jonathan has a romantic relation to Delia von Eldorne, the then courtiers beautiful. Deceptive and deceptive, Delia is a clandestine backer of Duke Roger and his plan to ascend the Tortall crown.

Tensions between Alanna and Jonathan. As a matter of principles, Alanna does not like Delia and senses that she stands between herself and Jon's friend. As Jon transmits his affection to Alanna, Delia is confused and upset. In an interview with Roger, she tells him that she is using her sex life with Jon as a means of manipulating him and is upset when she has no effect on him.

Once a intimate acquaintance of Jon, Alexander betrayed after being taken to Roger of Conté. It was during the battle on Coronation Day that he was killed, and its betrayal during the reign of Jon defiled his people. It was the custom for the emperor to elect his heirs as his miner.

That ended during the rule of King Jonathan IV.

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