Queen Bagan

Queeen Bagan

Narapati Sithu was the son of King Narathu and Queen Myaut Pyin The. Restaurant in Bagan overlooking the Ayeyarwaddy River. darius bagan is an outside linebacker from north arlington, n.j.

Queen, Bagan - restaurant reviews, phone number & photos

Dinner was great here and so was services. There are many visitors to the restaurant because the amenities are neat and the meals are well cooked and very good. Said most of his customers are going out for another dinner. Dinner was awesome and the services were great. The meals were very savoury and not overly spicy and the price was very reasonable.

This is so good and with so many possibilities! One of the best places in Bagan for me, inexpensive (5?/person on board, with beverages, meals, fruit and espresso). Request your entry for free to reply to ratings, refresh your account and much more.

Myanmar Bagan Restaurant - Review by Queen, Bagan, Myanmar

It has a tropic and pure ambience that allows you to unwind and indulge in the surroundings. Servies are good, eating is enjoyable, but perhaps a little mellow if you are looking for flavorful meals, but otherwise, lots of cuisine. The best beverage menu for the Bagan area. There is a large selection of dishes in the restaurants, among them vegetable and Chinese cuisine.

During our visit to Bagan we were here for our lunches and really enjoying it. We were very bustling when we were there, and I realized that a few different desks were angry about the slower wait. I ordered big tanks for 1500 Kyats very good business, milkshakes e.g. avocado also beautiful, barbecue also beautiful, but then I ordered a bovine meat with chips and the bovine meat was like a soles of shoes.

You' d better stay with your dinner, I think. Comfortable gardens and ambience. Queen Restuarant has a very cosy ambience, good services, delicious meals and sensible rates - what else do you need after a long days in the Bagan-Temple? Were you on the queen?

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Each tour will tell you a tale, and a tour in Myanmar will tell you the stories of the country's inhabitants, of the country's past, of its cultures and, above all, of its cuisines. So your tale will be fragmentary if you fail to taste the flavours of the area. Myanmar country serves a broad and varied selection of food reflecting the many different European citizens.

In contrast to other Southeast Asiatic nations, Myanmar's cooking is less hot, but is still affected by neighbouring nations, such as Thailand, India and perhaps above all China - especially in the northern hemisphere. Myanmar cooking is a great blend of vegetable and fruit and is usually prepared with the freshest foods.

The majority of Oriental economies use travel for most mealtimes as the basis for a large number of meats, seafood, vegetables and fruits curry or soup, and Myanmar is of course no anomaly. A number of reasonably priced restuarants are spread throughout the streets and urban areas, so you can easily find your favourite foods, from pancake bananas or roasted Chapatti to a large selection of locally prepared freshly prepared foods, according to your area.

in New Bagan, Myanmar.

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