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Newest tweets from QNET (Myanmar) (@QnetMyanmar). Myanmar QNET product training tour in Yangon. The Hong Kong based direct sales company QNET has opened its second office in Mandalay to take further steps to Myanmar. You can buy or sell a wide range of QNET holiday packages to generate revenue. Many scientifically researched and developed products such as Vitanew Beta Carotene are available from QNET to help you maintain the highest quality of life.

Second Myanmar office opened " Data, facts and news sales

QNET, an Asia-based and part of the $200 billion worldwide retail distribution industries, has taken further steps by opening its second office in Myanmar, Burma. That is less than a year after QNET started booming retail sales in Myanmar in March last year when it named the Kyi Min Brothers Limited as its representative in Yangon.

Today, the opening of a similar agency offices marked the official establishment of a QNET Independent Representative (IR) Client Services Center in Mandalay, Yangon. QNET's arrival in Myanmar has certainly changed the life of many IRs in Myanmar, as the nation has not only proved to be a top 20 QNET marketing opportunity in the last 11 month, but has also contributed to raising the standard of living by building the entrepreneurial mindset among non-entrepreneurs.

"It is our firm belief that there is nothing that gives more power to the individual than the personal finance liberty that a careers in the DSM sector offers, and we believe that the ambitious and entrepreneurial spirit of the Myanmar and Mandalay communities in particular will appreciate the value that we deliver and the opportunity that we offer," said Stevenson Charles, QNET's Regional General Manager, Southeast Asia.

Kyi Min Brothers, the ecommerce optimization firm, has signed a contract with Kyi Min Brothers to assist the Mandalay client on site and present the QNET product. QNET is confident that the Myanmar DCV sector will be as advanced as other developing countries.

"Burma is one of QNET's astonishing product-based marketplaces where customers and IRs like to experience, understand and profit from the high value of our worldwide offerings. We' re also one of the few retailers to provide a broad spectrum of health-supporting life-style related health food cleaners, filter cartridges, dietary supplementation and toiletries.

"The bestselling product, such as HomePure, a filter system and AirPure, our cleaner, meet a very genuine need for safe drinking and drinking creeks. There is also a range of lifestyle-friendly long lasting and energizing nutritional supplement LifeQode, which we recently introduced in Myanmar.

The Physio Radiance line is for those who are looking for a more healthy and clearer skin," explains Stevenson. QualityNET is purchased from all over the globe. The clocks are made in Switzerland, while the skins are made in France. Physio Radiance Visage+ is made by the Korean face mask company, all of QNET's jewellery is made by its German partner, while the immune-boosting Olé, an Australian oil leaves essence.

We also work in close collaboration with top level research and development professionals, as well as scientific experts, designers and producers to guarantee the highest standards or the highest qualities, while focusing on innovative and unique solutions. Using the real-world selling boutique on a propriety e-commerce trading system to promote its offerings, QNET offers emerging businesses the opportunity to do more, regardless of either geographic or societal backgrounds.

"QNET is so different from other networking marketers that we are truly international - we have more than 6 million clients from over 100 different nationalities. "In Mandalay, the people of the area are also seen as an asset - with around 2.2 million inhabitants, it is one of the biggest in the state.

Therefore we do not limit our activities in Yangon. QNET's arrival in Yangon last year and now Mandalay certainly means we have a long-term view of Myanmar and a view that is also supported by our IRs," said Stevenson. Worldwide, the World Federation of Direct Selling Association (WFDSA), to which QNET is a member of the Direct Selling Association of Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia, reports unparalleled revenue and commitment with 6.4% revenue and commitment, which generated nearly $200 billion in 2015.

With a 45% share of worldwide retailing turnover, Asia continues to outperform the other regions. The WFDSA said that over the last three years, the industry has seen a composite yearly growth rates of 6. 5 per cent. She also found that the upward momentum in DSD is driven by the presence of million companies that market a range of goods and value-added service offerings.

Mr Kyi Min Han, Managing Director of the Kyi Min Brothers Group of Companies, said: "This is an enormous growth for the Mandalay area. Thank you to QNET managers for their trust and assistance in Myanmar. Also we are pleased about this occasion and would like to thank the Myanmar government for their assistance, especially in Mandalay.

As QNET recognises, capacity development has always been one of Myanmar's priority areas in the development of its socio-economic inequalities. QNET Director Krishna Kumar and a number of QNET officials and resellers in Myanmar were also present at the opening today. QNET's new offices are situated in the middle of the Mandalay commercial quarter in Second Floor, Diamond Plaza, Chan Aye Thar Zan Township, Mandalay.

It will act as a central QNET IR technical assistance centre in Mandalay and the Mandalay area and will offer advice on the organisation, our range of services, our technical assistance and our distributor assistance from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. In addition, the Korean subsidiary will offer trainings for QNET's Distributor (IRs) and trainings to make sure that all of them have adequate IR expertise and are well educated about the QNET rewards program and the ethical aspects of networking.

Currently there are more than 5,000 QNET registrated IR' s in the state - mainly in Yangon, Mandalay and pagan towns. QNET, the leading Asia based retail distributor, offers a broad portfolio of life-enhancing solutions to clients and resellers in over 100 markets through its own e-commerce platforms.

In addition, the business has around 25 branches and representatives around the world and more than 50 specialist dealers, apart from local branches or franchise holders in a number of acronyms. Would you like to see the 12 ratings on QNet? For QNet Review click here!

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