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Receive the Doha weather forecast. Current weather forecast for Qatar. Exact Doha weather today, forecast for sun, rain, wind and temperature. Forecast published for Doha (Ad Daw?ah, Qatar): Weather forecast for Losail Circuit, Qatar.

Temperatures, rainfall, when to go, what to grab

with a very gentle winters and a very warm and sunshiny summers. There are two major seasons: a colder time of year from December to February and a hottest time from April to October, where we can make out a very busy time from May to mid-October. Doha's daytime mean temperatures range from 18.5°C in January to 37°C in July.

These are the Doha mean tempera. The predominant winds are humid and come from the northwest, more frequent in the summers. A different breeze, warm and arid, can blast all year round, but preferentially in early morning; it is blowing from the southern side and can increase the winters air temp to about 30°C (86°F) and from April to October to about 40°C (104°F) and above, while dramatically reducing the air rel. humidities; it can also create sandstorms and drift.

Problems 222100000000000000019 In winters, from December to February, the weather is warm and the skies are often clear, making it a springtime. There can be some cold and breezy weather, however, especially in January, when the nights are below 10°C and afternoons remain around 15/16°C (59/61°F). It is very warm, with peaks around 42/43°C (108/109°F) from June to August and troughs around 30/32°C (86/89°F).

Hottest times are when the winds come from the interior deserts, with daily temperature rising above 40°C (104°F) and sometimes even 45/47°C (113/117°F), while other times are less warm but wetter, with maximum temperature around 37/38°C (99/100°F) and a red-hot time.

In the course of the summers the air is getting relatively humid, so that the second part of the year, in August and September, is particularly oppressive. One of the worlds poorest is the combined effect of dampness and temperatures seen in the Persian Gulf region in summers.

Qatar is sunny all year round, but sometimes some clouds can also happen in summers. The Qatari ocean is somewhat chilly from January to March, especially in February when it is at its lowest, about 20°C (68°F), while it is still quite hot in December when it is about 24°C (75°F).

The Persian Gulf water gets very cold in summers and exceeds 30°C from June to October. It is the only period of the year that is not overheated. Generally the weather is from December to February mellow and sunshiny, in November and March it' s nice and cosy, but not too much.

A few cloud evenings are possible, sometimes with rains, especially from December to February. Winters: garments for the whole year, sweaters and jackets for the evenings and cold evenings, scarves for the winds. Outdoors: garments made of nature (cotton or linen), wilderness turtleneck, sweat-shirt and muffler.

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