The Pyupyu and Kyukyu are the angels of Soilel Bell. Commentaries for ????

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Pygupyu (

Viewing tweets tweets will not unblock @quchl. If someone has an orange-brown (auburn) Afro wig and would lend or sell it to me, that would be A+ ! Mine has not arrived yet, the seller has not yet answered and I am stressed ! I love baking, mais souvent je n'aime pas ce que j'ai cuit.

I like to sing along too, but only if no one is there. For me, l'amitié est la plus haute mesure sur terre. If you were one of my friends, you'd still be standing in front of me - I'd do anything to do for you. But when you break my trust I'm very vindictive and so far a friendship has only recovered once with me.

I am always embarrassed and amazed when someone tells me about me something about me that they observe or know. Especially with positive things - I always don't believe that at first. I' ll do everything myself. Funnily assez, même si je ne suis jamais satisfait, je veux tout faire tout seul, parce qu'alors c'est dans mon intérêt et j'ai le contrôle.

If I ask you, I like you a lot. Everything I do I could always be better. I often look at the achievements of others and others in general and wonder why I can't do that can't do that - although I know it's toxic. FYI : mon ancien vétérinaire m'a dit (après plus de 7 mois)'oh, ça ne marche plus maintenant ?

A tumour like that could just bleed like that.... ? Why don't you bring me another urine sample ? More intensive playing, another litter box et Feliway sont les moindres choses qui m'importent le moins. She also saw it just like me and Flora's teeth need urgent treatment - appointment is 1.10. I think that was a very good decision to change the vet.

There' s quelque chose dans la vessie, mais si c'était vraiment une tumeur, Flora aurait été bien pire il y a longtemps.

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