Pyu Script

pyus script

Pyu is a writing system for writing the Pyu language, an extinct Sino-tibetian language that was mainly spoken in today's central Burma. Buddist iconographic artifacts with which the Scriptures are connected. Burmese Pyu Brahmi script table. The photo shows an example of the "Pyu" typeface, which is a variant of the Pallava typeface of southern India. Pyu writing system was based on the Brahmi-based scripts of North and South India.

pyus script

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Myanmar, Mon, Pyu and Brahmi Script comparison table

You will learn Myanmar's language with Myanmar writing, sound, PDF and grammatical colour coding: substantives, accents, verbs, adverse words, adjectives, conjunction, particle, postpositional marker, interact. During his work as a trial technician at Hewlett-Packard in Singapore. He is currently helping to promote tourism in Myanmar by making his on-line education available to all.

South-East Asia: Prehistory to the past - Ian Glover

is an Emeritus Reader in Southeast Asia at the Institute of Archeology, University College London. Earlier in his life, he excavated in East Timor, Sulawesi, West Thailand and Central Vietnam, which range from Early Pleistocene caves, Iron Age graveyards and the rising Cham civilization of Central Vietnam. He is Professor of Archeology at the Australian National University in Canberra.

Since 1967 he has conducted research in Southeast Asia (Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines) and on various Polyynesian isles. His particular interest lies in the archeological and language issues of the Austro-Hungarian history in Southeast Asia and Oceania and the prehistoric stories of the early agricultural population in all parts of the globe.

Requirements related to this script

Pyu typeface was invented in Myanmar's north in the fifth centuary. It' a Brahmi-based font with two variants, Pyu Pali and Pyu Tircul. When you have information about this script, please include it on this page. Their input can be a great help in the refinement and extension of the norm EN 15924.

Scripts Encoding Initiative is working to help include this script in the default, and articles here will help in their work. This is unfulfilled requirements for typefaces, keyboard, other softwares and script information. No requirements are currently shown for this script.

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