Pyu City states

The city-states of Pyu

The mod adds in four Pyu city states: And The Pyu Peoples : l'ancienne ville du Delta de l'Irrawaddy pourrait réécrire l'histoire de la Birmanie et du peuple Pyu. It has the power to rewrite the story of Burma and the old Pyu tribe. Burma's oldest residents are the old pyu. A number of antique Pyu towns have been dug up and the studies of Pyu civilization show that the Burmese population has been affected by trading with India, the import of Buddhism and other cultures, architecture and politics.

Now it is assumed that an old city found in the Irrawaddy Delta in Lower Burma is as old as the Pyu places, whose area would have been larger than the old imperial capitol Mandalay. Irrawaddy Delta City is a lateritic stony town thought to have been constructed more than 2,300 years ago during the Pyu era and is situated near the village of Taung Zin in Ingapu township, Irrawaddy Division.

The city has not yet been found for one reason: its remoteness. In the monastery of Kyet Pyin, Pinna Siri, a friar, and the historic Phone Tint Kyaw have read the old wreck. Following the study of alphabet, lateritic structure and Buddha pictures, the researcher Phone Tint Kyaw came to the conclusion that they could be the work of the Pyu, one of Burma's oldest civilisations.

Phone Tint Kyaw stated that the write system found at this location is the same as that found in three other Pyu towns and in Pegu and Danyawaddy in Arakan State. It was used from the 6th to the third centuries B.C. "The Brahmi font vanished when King Ashoka's kingdom crumbled after his death," Phone Tint Kyaw said, referencing the late King of India, who deceased in 232 BC:

From the 6th to the 3rd century BC there were 22 Pyu city-states known as " Pinle Pyu ", which means "sea pyu " in translation. "His whereabouts were previously unidentified, but Phone Tint Kyaw is speculating that the old city in Ingapu could be the township Sea Pyu. "There was a town in the historic record of Pyu named Pinle Pyu.

The old town is Pinle Pyu, because it is the only town the scale of a kingly town near the sea," he said. Under the Pyu administration, only the monarchy could erect large towns; vassals were only permitted to erect half or one third the scale of a city.

This city in the Ingapu Township was erected on a 100 foot high hilltop in front of the scenery of the Arakanese mountains. Stonewalls were erected to the right and south of the city, while in the eastern part there were wide plain and small towns. "The city was rebuilt in a systematic manner.

On the mountain ridge to the right and right of the city there were guard houses and the entry was constructed in the centre. So there was only one way in for traders, envoy or foes to get into town," Phone Tint Kyaw said. With an area of eight sq. m., the city of Ingapu is one of the largest pyu communities after Sri Ksetra in the Pegu Division.

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