Pyu Ancient Cities Myanmar

Ancient Pyu Cities Myanmar

Itinerary for Pyu ancient CitiesSend Booking Query. Travelers to the World Heritage Site Myanmar's very first WHS came as a suprise in 2014: Only a few will have seen one of the Pyu Ancient Cities before its name. Pyu were the first of the civilisations to settle along the Ayeyarwady River, in the heart of present-day Myanmar. Here they began to build town states from the 2. cent.


The three pyu cities of Halin, Beikthano and Sri Ksetra are not located near the major touristic sites in Myanmar. When I was in Mandalay, I rented a vehicle plus drivers and guides for the days and went for Halin. They had been there before, but they don't get to Halin very often.

So, the rider and tour guides took some free and asked for the right turn. The Halin was and is an important farming area, which was made fruitful by watering. Arrived in Halin and passed the city' s warm water sources we went directly to the Archaeological Musuem. There are about 10 showcases of Halin found in the area.

Halin, like the other Pyu cities, was enclosed by a fortification. A roofed house houses more dramatic finds. We found the only Halin gift shop outside this house! He' even sold Halin WHS T-shirts, quite a collector's piece. It is a set of flagstones, mostly labeled with Pyu and Pyu text and another cemetery.

Despite Halin's WH state, my leader said he didn't think it would ever draw many people. When I went out there to see how Myanmar's countryside is, I must have found the journey worthwhile. The least interesting of the 3 labeled Pyu cities seems to be Halin, with Sri Ksetra being the town.

And ICOMOS could not even find enough excuse for the Halin epigraph, while they saw enough in the other two cities. Most reluctantly, they accepted the opinion that the Pyu cities had been a model for Angkor. Here we are with the three Pyu Ancient Cities, recognised for the expansion of buddhistic cityism in Southeast Asia, witness of the past Pyu civilisation and inovativity.

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