The municipality of Pys is located in the department of Somme in Hauts-de-France in northern France. Are you looking for an online definition of PYS or what does PYS stand for? PYS: Get the latest Merrill Lynch Depositor share price and detailed information such as PYS news, historical charts and real-time quotes.

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Price/PYS Share Price & News - Merrill Lynch Depositor Inc. RRD-1 Series PPLUS Cl A 6.3% TRUCs for R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co.

Profit/Pratio ( "TTM") The price/earnings relation ("P/E"), an important measurement figure, is the division of the last final market value of the current year' s trading volume by the total amount of basic net profit per ordinary bearer ordinary bearer offering from continued business units for the following 12-month term? Net profit of a business for the following twelve-month periods, in dollars per fully-diluted share.

This is the entire fair value of a business. is the number of issued stocks multiplied by the share value. The number of unvested and blocked treasury and non-voting equity securities currently in the possession of the Company's senior management, inside the Group and the general public. 2,000 000 treasury and non-voting equity securities currently in circulation.

The number of stocks that are in the custody of publicly held companies and are available for trading. In order to compute, begin with the aggregate number of unvested stocks and deduct the number of blocked stocks. Limited stocks are generally those issues to corporate executives whose trading restrictions apply. Dividends The dividends of a corporation as a percent of the share value.

ShareSoldShort The sum of the numbers of stocks in a stock that have been unsold and not yet bought back. Last percentual changes in short-term interest rates from the last reported to the first. The stock markets reports brief interest rates twice a months. of the Float in relation to the number of available stocks.

MFFD The MFF is a measure of the related buy and sell pressures on a share on the basis of the value of a trade made on an upward in the quote and the value of a trade made on a downward in the quote. Downward /upward ratios are obtained by splitting the value of upstream and downstream trade by the value of downstream trade.

The net cash inflow is the value of upstream trade minus the value of downstream trade. The cash flows give a momentary picture of the comparative buy and sell pressures in a share.

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