Next Generation Hotel & Restaurant Software One secure Featured item, completely automatic, designed in in three different directions: Realtime automate all day-to-day processes in the hotel: room occupancy, bookings, changes, cancellation, deposits, on-line payment, invoicing, exported and more. Automate all your dining work. Native integration into the hospitality managment system. The system transmits bookings to the PMS in an automatic manner. Automate your own website and Facebook page to sell hotels in no time.

On-line payment, promotion code, etc. Automating the two components, connecting them together, provides a full system and a steady stream that takes over all day-to-day, non-creative tasks and ensures the return on investment and employee productivity. The promotion of the rooms on as many distribution channel as possible means more reservations.

The PYN guarantees that the reservation managers no longer have to remove the bookings from the e-mail and individually register them in the PMS by hand. Automated reservation implementation, which saves a lot of hassle and work. Automated real-time updates on all channel for every PMS stock modification, posting or cancel.

Built as a cloud applications, our service is conceived from a dual perspective: HOtell OWNER/MANAGER andlient. You will support the hospitality staff in their day-to-day work ( "sales, reservation, pay, uptime, catering operations, etc.) and support the customer in bookings, pay, order service, on-line check-in, on-line checkout, house-keeping requests, etc.).

Modelling and rationalization of all interaction between the two sides as part of the hospitality industry. Support of the customer with bookings, stays, check-in, check-out, promotions, payment, invoicing, etc. Managing the hospitality and automating the day-to-day activities of reception staff, accounting manager, accountant, manager, waiter, etc.

Synchronised automatisation and integraion of register, CLOUD-based treasury, kitch and bard printers, room entrance system, etc. It' a true outpost. Actualized stock control in near-realtime, incoming goods notices, recipes. The PYN offers you the automatization and the entire administration of your building, from the website of the hotels to the sale, reservation, on-line payment, billing and bookkeeping.

Whereever you are, you are linked to everything that happens at the hotel: uptime, financials, rate schedules, staff activities, etc. You should enter bookings individually in PMS. The varying levels of accessibility were a catastrophe and a genuine mess on public holiday or during the skiing year. I am not a tech tycoon, and my hospitality can't allow myself to employ a full-time IT professional.

Oh, and the fact that paying on line is possible and clients are asked to make them automatic is much quicker on my accoun. The bookings took us a long pause and virtually accepted a large number of copy and pasting from one side to the other. Also, the availabilty was updated and it was difficult to keep up to date to have a real-time availabilty on all distribution chains.

My goal was to create an easy-to-use piece of code to ease the load of doing the recurring chores for me, which took me a long while and didn't help me at all. It' automates a lot of my day-to-day work and now I can get to grips with what's really important.

It' sending confirmatory e-mails, inviting customers to pay on-line, so less red tape for me, more value for the city. I used to pay a great deal of cash for a job that took up my spare minute and got on my nerves. What did I do? It was like chaining yourself to what happened at the motel.

If you have already implemented hospitality managment solutions, we can help you with importing your bookings. We' ll help you with importing your bookings when you have an online booking.comccount. We' ll build a 100% reactive website for your property if you don't already have one.

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