The pyl or pyl can refer to: Leaguepedia | League of Legends Esports Wiki In the end Pyl and LGD qualify for the LPL with 3:0 in the LPL Spring Promotion 2014. In the Demacia Cup season 1, LGD won 2-0 against OMG in the first round. During the LPL spring season 2014, they did well, placed fifth and missed play-offs, but deserved their place again in the LPL summer season 2014.

In the Demacia Cup Season 2, they were eliminated very early and lost 2-1 to Team RM in the first round. In the LPL Sommer, the LPLD took 4th place and qualified for the LPL Sommer Playoffs 2014. They made it to the regional final of the 2014 season, but were eliminated in the second round with a 2-1 defeat against OMG.

The first full competition of the year was the 2015 Demacia Cup spring championship, in which the LGD reached the quarter-finals but were beaten 3-0 by Invictus Gaming. Soon after, they completed the LPL Spring Regular Series 2015 in 6th place and reached the LPL Spring Playoffs 2015. The LGD was dreaded in China, but in the 2015 Demacia Cup summer campaign it was disrupted by the OMG 3-0.

In the LPL Summer Regular Season 2015, LGD finished fifth and qualifyed for the Seeding Match of the LPL Summer Playoffs 2015. The LGD defeated Qiao Gu Reapers in the final 3:2 and thus qualifyed as top seeds from China for the 2015 season. The LGD was hoping to get back from their harsh world and post-world performance and had high expectations for the LPL spring season 2016.

However, in the second half of the campaign they began to improve their game and recovered. In their group they set an 8-8th place. In round 1 of the LPL Spring Playoffs 2016 they played Vici Gaming, but dropped 1-3 and ended the Spring Split in 7-8th place.

It was a tough job for the LSGD, as the club came in fifth. Consequently, they took part in the LPL Spring Promotion 2017, but qualified for the LPL again after a 3-1 win over Newbee. Spring and sommer season was very similar for the 2017 year.

With 6 victories and 10 defeats in spring and then 4 victories and 12 defeats in spring, they ended the overall ranking. Jinoo, Eimy, 1ntruder, Yuuki, Nanzhu, Imp, Fdy, Jinoo, Eimy, Yuuki, Fdy, Jinoo, Banana, Eimy, Cool, Imp, Jinoo, Eimy, Cool, Jinoo, Eimy, Eimy, Eimy, GodV,

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