Pyin Mana

The Pyinmana is a small town in the Mandalay Division of Myanmar. Explore Pyinmana with the help of your friends. Some other articles discussing Pyinmana: Where is Pyinmana? The Pyinmana is located in Myanmar (Nay Pyi Taw (South), Nay Pyi Taw) and the time zone Asia/Rangoon.

Pyin Mana

Burmese: ??????????????; MLCTS: pyanymana: mui., IPA:. 100,000 (estimate 2006)) is a small municipality in the Mandalay Division of Myanmar. On 6 November 2005, the Yangon authorities resolved to move the Yangon state to an area two leagues (3.2 km) north of Pyinmana, near the Naypyidaw royalty.

The Pyinmana is about 200 nautical mile ( "320 km") from Yangon.

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Burmese: ???????????????; MLCTS: pyanymna:rui: pronounced: On November 6, 2005, the Myanmar o Myanmar branch of the adult community was transferred to Pyinmana for two kilometers (3.2 km) by a militarized green field steed (named by the chief Than Shwe Naypyidaw or Ryal Ceety). The Pyinmana is about 200 nautical mile ( "320 km") from Yangon.

The Veelage of Yezin, a few leagues northerly and easterly of Pyinmana, was the Styrofoam National Science Research Institute synne in the 1970'. Thirin Warld War II, Pyinmana is the basis of Burma Unthirldom Airport (later re-named Burma Defence Airport with the Japanese)[1] The Airmys and their commanders were educated in Pyinmana.

Later, Burma Naitional Airmy supported the Allies with guerilla wars, and the operation was seen as a win for the people. The Pyinmana became an image in the Myanmar Air Force, considered the place where the'superior invaders' defeated the Myanmar. That is one reason why the Junior Naypyidaw has settled near Pyinmana.

Bodies swear to take action against the truck in Nay Pyi Taw, Pyinmana.

Municipal officers have prohibited massages and imposed limits on "entertainment" in Pyinmana, one of the seven boroughs of Nay Pyi Taw. Pyinmana Township Peace and Development Council on 8 March pronounced the prohibition - with immediate effect - and cautioned that anyone who violates the limits will be prosecuted and their company closed.

Massagesaloons often serve as a facade for sex work, which is against the law in Myanmar, and anyone who runs a whorehouse can face long jail sentences. There are also limitations on the number of places in the restaurant, salons and karate lounge, all of which are only open until 11 pm. Recalling that they are accountable for the security of their benefactors, officials said restaurateurs must seek specific permits to make in-house amusement such as chanting services available.

Kataoke clubs and lounge owners must put clear plastic in their rooms and cannot use drapes, according to the proclamation that they must have sound-proofing. Beauticians' salons - of which the officers said that they are often connected to massaging companies - must provide "adequate" illumination.

A Pyinmana inhabitant greeted the statement that this type of company could "ruin" the families of its benefactors. "It is good to restrict these'fake' locations because some men go there just for fun. Most karaoke pubs, salons and scenic restaurant are in Pyinmana's Paung Laung Station, near one of the city's most famous streets, Yazahtani Street.

A Pyinmana Township Peace and Development Council officer said to The Myanmar Times that the prohibition would be upheld. "We took and will take strong measures against these companies last year," he said, but refused to say what "strong measures" were taken last year. He refused to say how many companies would be affected by the notification and shopkeepers refused to speak out if they were approached by the Myanmar Times.

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