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The best Pyin Oo Lwin (Maymyo) hotels on TripAdvisor: The best food in Pyin Oo Lwin (Maymyo), Mandalay region: Dining out near Hotel Pyin Oo Lwin, Pyin Oo Lwin (Maymyo) on TripAdvisor: Are you looking for a Pyin Oo Lwin (Maymyo) Last Minute Hotel? The Romantic Legend of Karen, Myanmar You' re my particular angels sent down from above, the Lord smiling at me and sending an angels to be loved, I was on the top of the mountain 4,050ft. God send your particular angels from heaven to make us loving. At the top of the mound was often foggy.

It was like a woman in the dress of whiteness when I gazed at the mound from afar. I thought of Naw Bu Baw, the mound I was on. This was after the woman who was a Marauder King's girl. I heard the locals' leader tell me again about this tragedy.

It was the Ocean King's daugther. It also had a magic saucepan that allowed her to make a full pan of half a kernel of rice and one kernel of rice for a house. Though one of the Princesses of the omnipotent kingdom of the seas, she was the most renowned virgin and kind-hearted.

Thakuou and the realm thought it would bring luck and enrichment. However, one of these days a brave prinz called Saw Thaw Oh Khwa came over the hills with his family. He wanted the king of the hill to find a handsome daughter-in-law for his boy. To put it briefly, the Prinz and the princess made love at first glance.

Both the prince and the freshly wed princess were very much in lover and strolled together through these beautiful mounds and valleys, streams and grass. The prince had to fight off the invaders in the east mountain one time. A loving and loyal princess gave him the magic crest to be hidden.

And the prince won the fight and took the crest under his toes. Unfortunately, the last senseless foe saw him and fired a venomous arrow at the prince from behind. That the prince is dead. But the Sea King listened to the tragic message, he was very angry and flew over the area with his tide.

At the end of the Second Anglo-Burmese War in 1852, many hundreds of years later, when the lower Myanmar was invaded, the British first made Thandaung a hilltop town. Two years before the deposition of the last Myanmar king in Mandalay in 1883, Thandaung became a army sanitarium for troops recuperating from injuries and illnesses.

According to the regional leader, the Taungoo District Gazetteer, released in 1914, said: "There is a licenced store for the sale of imported spirits and bottled alcohol ", which probably means that whiskey and wines were readily available to people there. Today, natives can attend an old Baptist church named Zion Hill Church, an Anglican church and an old Roman Catholic church around Thandaung.

Its name is Naw Bu Baw Gebetsberg. THANDANDUNG GYI is situated 44 kilometres eastwards of Taungoo. There is a relatively new city called Thandaung Lay, which was founded in 1959 as the new administration centre of the municipality. Thandaung Gyi is reached via Thandaung Lay from Taungoo.

Mountaineers and the different breeds of locals are Kayin and Gurkhas that the British bring along. Perhaps the prince's and princess's love covers the hills. The area around Tandaung always seems to be at rest.

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