Pyin Oo Lwin Map Pdf

Pikin Oo Lwin Map Pdf

The school in Pyin Oo Lwin conducts surveying courses every year. Visit The Leaping Lemur for a free online guide (available for download), more maps and a downloadable PDF copy of this map. The urbanized maps are finally compared. Oo Lwin Pyin. mahaaien nam.

chip color="#800000" size="3">A historic town

Even though the government building, which was erected in 1903, was totally demolished around 1943, many buildings, businesses and chapels from this time have been preserved. A faithful copy of the Government House has now been rebuilt as a first-class resort, and there may be a Maymyo Museum plan to house it.

There has been little change in the initial map and the Circular Road is located at the foot of the mountain range, once known as The Rides, a popular recreation area. Indeed, there were about 100 kilometres of bridle paths that radiated from the city into the greenery and were very well used until the early 1940s.

For some excerpts from previous Maymyo scriptures and reports from the 18th and 21st centuries on our favorite festivals, Thingyan, click here. You' ll surely get the feeling of a lively city from an almost lost and unexplored time. Please click here for a map of Maymyo in 1945, on which remarkable places are superimposed.

A few post cards (an example is above) show the military base, a look at the city, the city center (where the Purcell Tower, 1936, is located today), the government building, the secretariat, the monastery and the Maymyo Club. The Maymyo 1944 map showing the most important areas can also be downloaded:

The Circular Road area, Government House area, Craddock Court area, and the Railway Station area. You can download a (Microsoft Word (*.doc)) file with the name and location of the Maymyo homes here. This is the center of the culture of sericulture cultivation (silkworm breeding). Situated near the Kandawgyi National Park, the Zericulture Research Center has three different tasks: the intense plantation and harvest of mulberries (leaves for silkworms, rind for handmade paper), the cultivation of the silkworms themselves and the winding of the silks from the shells.

There is a large research center for native herbs. There are a number of urban mills processing ground coffees for nationwide sales, with a rising volume now being processed for exports. The Kandawgyi National Gardens is a must for the final garden experience.

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