Pyin Oo Lwin Garden

Oo Lwin Pyin Garden

The National Kanawgyi Pyin oo Lwin Botanical Garden, Myanmar is worth a stop? Well, everybody's been to a botanic garden before, but we thought, "Oh, what if it's like any other botanic garden we've been to in the past, at least we can find a forest to sleep under for a while!" However, the botanic garden of Pyin oo Lwin (National Kanawgyi Garden) has far surpassed our expectation and is actually a nice small price.

If you want to take a bath, this is part of the price, otherwise it is situated on the garden and the beautiful central lakes. They are immaculate and we were delighted to find that this is probably one of the most beautiful botanic parks we have ever visited (wheezing here).

A few delicacies in the Botanical Garden of Pyin oo Lwin: Teagarden - beautiful colors in abundance........ It'?s just like Grandma's garden. It'?s a marsh....... Perhaps it's Kick-ass? When you are in the Pyin oo Lwin area, we suggest an excursion to the Botanical Garden of Pyin oo Lwin (also known as Maymyo National Kanawgyi Garden), it is a beautiful date when we have not seen sand (in Myanmar) or other aliens.... but there was a native who wanted to turn us to Jesus Christ the Latter-day Saint, by chance!

A welcoming excursion from Mandalay.....

Throughout Myanmar's Myanmar Colony-United Kingdom period, Maymyo - known as May Town after Colonel May, then responsible for the Fifth Light Infantry of the Bengali Army - provided a chilly "mountain station" that withdrew from the gloomy summers of the Mandalay lowlands. Maymyo became the Burma government's summers capitol when the railroad from Mandalay to Maymyo was finished a few years after the foundation of the train yard in 1896.

Nowadays Maymyo, known by the Burmese as Pyin Oo Lwin, is an attractive excursion for local people and tourists, not only because of the humid air in Mandalay in summer, because of the high temperatures and smoke, but also as an all-year-round flight from the hustle and bustle of Mandalay's city. Maymyo' s botanic garden, the Kandawgyi National Gardens, would prepare itself as a window to the city's floral show.

Curvy street to Maymyo...... I was taken by cab along a 42-kilometre long, curvy street to the 3,500-foot shelter. When we ascended, beautiful vistas of the Mandalay plain emerged. As we approached Maymyo, the countryside became flatter and the flora became richer and richer. In addition, there is a beautiful botanic garden, the realisation of which was supported by the Kew Botanical Garden in London in 1915.

Gardeners prepared floral shows for the event as I stepped into the garden doors ($5 US for foreigners). Guideposts lead from there to various garden areas. Trails walked through vast lawn areas lined with light flowerbeds. There is a small arch in the Rosengarten with a prestigious 25-vegetation.

A birdcage doubles the wildlife for a wide range of alien bird populations with Myanmar's icon, the pepper, which is well known for its six varieties. I headed for Nan Myint Tower near the garden's northerly entrance before I left the garden. On the way: the Botanical Garden of Kandawgyi in its totality; the green one, carried by the British Pyin Oo Lwin municipality; the Mandalay plain, which extends in the faraway to the vast Mandalay municipality - one and a half hours away and yet a remote corner of the British Maymyo age.

Kandawgyi Garden is open every day from 8am to 6pm. Situated on the Nandar Road, Pyin Oo Lwin. Allow at least two hrs to visit the garden.

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