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Spirit and reality: Space-Time Window - Schommers Wolfram

Relation between spirit and truth is usually seen as an occurrence that happens in real life and at the same moment creates an inner picture in the spirit. So, so to say, it happens twice, and there is a one-to-one correspondance between the two of them. In this concept, material is imbedded in place and place and can be described as the "container principle".

In this monography, the well-known scientist Immanuel Kant stresses that this concept is negated and explains that, in general, it is not possible for humans to see the truth and that contemporary biologic evolutions seem to be leading precisely to Kant's point of views. In evolutionary theories, the picture of man of reality in the head does not have to be full and truthful in the meaning of a concise representation, and it is relatively simple to see that even place and place and time should not be outside it.

In this concept, only a certain part of the realities that man needs to cope with everyday situations is projecting onto temporal and spatial realities, and we arrive at the so-called "projection principle". Spatial perception then determines the windows to the real world and leads to a series of fascinating and important issues, some of which are addressed in this book.

However, this monography suggests that the projections are obviously more appropriate and could help to resolve open issues such as the natures of the times, particle-wave dualities, universe constants and so on.

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