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Myanmar Pyi News

Myanmar PYI(News) in Pazundaung, Myanmar. Myanmar PYI(News) Corporate Contacts on Myanmar Directory. Email PYI Myanmar(News). Myanmar News Journal and Myanmar Daily Newspaper. categories.

Release date: Pyi Myanmar Daily.

Pyi Myanmar News

No. 79/81, First Floor, Central Tower, corner 39 Street & Anawrahtar Road, Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar. E-Mail: pyimyanmarnews@swesone.orgThis E-Mail adress is secured against spam bots. is a Myanmar-based company distributing pharmaceuticals and commericals. Since sales is at the core of every health care provision in the pharmaceuticals industry, a powerful sales force is essential.

The EMP Company covers all parts of the world with its own extended sales network. 222 Bo Myat Tun Street, Pazundaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

Pyi Myanmar News

Burma is the biggest nation of the Southeast Asian peninsula and is bordered by Thailand, Laos, China, India and Bangladesh. 87, room one, 51., Pazundaung P.O., Yangon, Myanmar. If you are looking for something exciting and exciting to do in Myanmar (Burma), why not check out our individual tour packages for our Myanmar (Burma) area?

53.1. floor (left), Shwe Bon Thar Street(lower block), Pabedan Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

Pyi Myanmar" interrupts the publishing of printed media every day temporary

On June 3, after three years of print, the Swe Sone Media Group announces that it will suspend the release of its Myanmar Pyi paper. Myanmar Pyi is the first privately owned paper to have withdrawn from the paper since the new administration took power in March this year. Announcing its decision, the firm expressed its gratitude to consumers and said it would be improving its business before returning it to the markets.

A newspaper journalist acknowledged the stop and said the magazine would still provide news on-line. The Myanmar Times, U Tint Swe, the Ministry of Information's regular information office said that a shift in the way information is accessed by users is a major issue for newsmakers. "Years ago we thought there would be a great evolution in our country's printed world.

The criticisms of state journals that began under the former regime have persisted under the present regime, with some of them already accused the Ministry of Information of monopolizing the markets. Tint Swe was defending the state publication and said that every press organization should have a clear operating policy. "While some[ companies] produce paper by counting on back-ups such as sales and advertisements, other news magazines have a large circulation," he said.

In August 2012, the authority for censure was removed and the Information Department issued licenses to the production of newsmagazines. More than 30 licenses were issued, according to the MOI, but many papers were soon abandoned after they struggled to make a living. According to the press department, only about a third of the licensed businesses prints on a regular basis.

The Irrawaddy unplugged the printed issues in January, trimmed the week's release and performed all surgeries inline. It is financially inappropriate to continue publishing hard copy papers and inks. In October last year, The Trade Times also closed the release completely and raised money doubts. Myanmar's topical daily newspapers are The Voice Daily, The Union Daily, The Standard Time, 7 Day Daily, Daily Eleven, Mandalay Alin and Yadanar Times.

Myanmar Times is the only private newspaper in private ownership in England.

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