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Pyi Myanmar Journal interviews Joshua Chit Tun about education and family - The #rebel Senator

The Swesone Publishing Company produces Thuta Swesone Magazines, Pyi Myanmar Journal, Arrawjan Magazines and Good Health Journal. Recently, his journal Pyi Myanmar interviewed Joshua Chit Tun, the young Myanmar-American who has the US Senate in mind.

"Pyy Myanmar Interviews Joshua Chit Tun" 1. Tell us about your plan to sponsor a Myanmar baby. So, what kind of baby are you going to take? Once I have fulfilled my ambition, I will adopted an abandoned Myanmar baby. In order to comprehend, one must live, and when I look this baby in the eye, I will comprehend what must be done.

There'?s a great deal to be learned from a kid. And I want you to know that I am moving and understanding the responsibilities I have to take to secure Myanmar a better tomorrow when I see its people. I want my kids to get it right. One day they will play a part in the Chit Tun Group or the Chit Tun Foundation, so that they will be trained to lead such organisations.

Have you got a plan or do you want to incorporate this into the educational reforms of our state? As you may know, many prison and judicial convictions have been handed down to peaceful protesters for educational reforms. So what do you want to tell the Studentenwerke in Myanmar? Provide and develop educational and managerial suggestions for Myanmar's young people.

It will be of the utmost importance to raise the standard of learning and to facilitate access to it. We are also investigating how to distribute training. Individuals and non-profit groups will become more strategically oriented to improving literacy. I' m going to get more committed through the Chit Tun Group. As far as the Studentenwerke are concerned, I applaud their resistance.

It will be presented to large multinational groups, US-based trusts and prominent figures committed to learning and systemic transformation to guarantee a better tomorrow for kids around the worInd. It also notifies the right groups of investors focusing on training and technologies.

I am interested in educational reforms not only in Myanmar and the USA, but also in other Southeast Asian states. She from Myanmar too? Although you used to live here until you were 5 years old and your Myanmar based actress, why can't you talk Burmese? As her dad is Thai, I also like Thai and Myanmar cuisine.

Did you come back to Myanmar? It will be great to take a journey to Myanmar and savour the cuisine, cultures and sounds of Myanmar. Because I like animes and corean drama, they are some of the things I love with my boyfriends when I have a second.

You need to be disciplined and determined to put everything you have in danger, but for me it's fun because I think you need it.

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