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The Tayok Pye is a large temple located in Minnanthu. sspan class="mw-headline" id="Early_life">"Early_life[edit] From 1661 to 1672, Pye Min (Burmese: ????

????, pronounced[pjé m???]; 26 May 1619 - 14 April 1672) was monarch of the Toungoo family. He was a descendant of Thalun. The Prince of Pyay (Prome) spearheaded Burma's opposition to the Southern Ming and Qing invasions during the rule of his Pindale bro.

Committed to reducing the powers of the Southern Ming emperor in Sagaing, Pye hosted a meeting of China civil servants. Mr Myongli thought this was an attack gimmick and instead ordered his army to fight with the Burmese. 1662 the Qing army penetrated Burma and Pye Min decides to give the Qing to the last Ming emperor.

The Yongli Emperor was led out of Burma. In 1661 there was a Mon revolt around Martaban and in 1662 Lan Na was attacked by the Thai army under King Narai, who owned the temporary town. Most of the remainder of his rule was without event and Pye Min passed away in 1672, followed by his own Narawara family.

aha Yazawin (in Burmese). Burmese for Hmannan Yazawin. Myanmar Ministry of Information.

Oil the wheel of the extremely wealthy

Approximately a decade ago, Nyi Nyi Lwin, proprietor of the Optima Werkz Yangon deluxe auto repair shop, invented the idea of racing for the first time during his studies in Australia. Since his return to Yangon, this fascination has been growing over the years, ever since he was involved with luxurious automobiles. Today, he and his familiy, who run the Focus Star Co jewellery, tobacconist and property company, have collected at least 20 luxurious automobiles on their premises, among them several Bentleys, Rolls Royces and a Lamborghini yellow.

Eye-catching Ferraris and shiny Lamborghinis may not be commonplace in Myanmar due to bad roads and excessive tax on imports, but a small group of super-rich auto enthousiasts still like to collect them. Along with Nyi Nyi Lwin and his wife, the chairman of the Htoo Group and Richard's millionaire U Tay Zar and U Zaw Zaw, who heads the Max Myanmar Group of Companies, are among the country's enthusiastic deluxe collector.

Nyi Nyi Lwin has estimated that there are currently around 60 Rolls Royce Rolls, at least 40 Bentleys and several Ferraris as well as a Bugatti in Myanmar. Although the automobiles are rarely used, they have to be repaired and repaired on a regular basis in order to maintain their value on the second-hand markets. "Myanmar is where luxurious and high-end automobiles generally lose no value, as they are usually collectibles and icons of rare use.

However, the owner still has to pay a lot of cash to keep them in good shape and maintain them so that the vehicles can be sold on the second-hand market," said Nyi Nyi Lwin. Nyi Nyi Lwin and his colleagues for luxurious automobiles were compelled to look for spare parts for their automobiles in Singapore, Bangkok and even in the USA until this end of the year, and they had to send a team of skilled technicians from these nations to Yangon to maintain the automobiles.

The search for the right parts and garages abroad was not simple either. For example, some garages only maintained GT-Rs and not sport cars," he said. When Nyi Nyi Lwin eventually found a Singapore garage, Optima Werkz, offering end-to-end service for every model, he quickly brokered a contract with his owners Jason Ang to open Optima Werkz in Yangon.

"It was the only garage after so many visits that covered the whole spectrum of automobiles from sport to deluxe. Myanmar's lack of good deluxe auto repair shops and mechanical engineers made it economically viable to establish a garage with skilled mechanical workers to serve both my own vehicle pool and other vehicle owners," he said.

"In addition, the level of detail of their services was excellent. And I was very pleased and amazed how they treated the automobiles. If you return a Myanmar vehicle to its owners in poor shape, their reputations are gone," he added. In particular, Optima Werkz Yangon started at a period when customs duties on new vehicle imports under the National League for Democracy regime have increased significantly.

Today the tax on luxurious automobiles are 160 pieces of the automobile prices. Governments also prohibit the entry of coupes or two-door automobiles.

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