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Burma / Bago / Pyay. Near the Pyay Technological University, Pyay on TripAdvisor: University of Pyay The Pyay University or the University of Pyay (Burmese: ????

?????????) is a university in Pyay, in the Bago region of Myanmar. The University of Zurich provides Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BSC) as well as Master of Art (MA) and Master of Science (MSc) courses. PhDs require the student to study at the University of Yangon.

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University of Pyay Road 623 Post Office

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Myanmar universities support CLE by signing a MOU

Since our last edition of the Clinical Legal Education (CLE) program in Myanmar, it has developed at an amazing rate. In the aftermath of the successful Myanmar National CLE Summer School & Inaugural Asia Regional CLE Summer School, both of which took place in May, most schools have shown tremendous commitment and excitement for the program.

In Myanmar, we are delighted to announce that some Myanmar University' s have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in order to take part in the Clinical Legally Ed: CLE program: They are a major leap forward for Myanmar's judicial training and demonstrate the readiness of Myanmar's higher learning institutions to join the program and secure the successful introduction of CLE into their general judicial schooling.

Each MOU also provides the setting within which academia work on the program and demonstrate their dedication to the program. Until now, the HEIs that have subscribed to the MOU are: The Yadanabon University (4 juillet 2014), Mandalay University of Distance Education (9 juillet 2014), Mandalay University of Mandalay (10 juillet 2014), Magway University (28 juillet 2014), University of Yangon (12 août 2014), Yangon University of Distance Education (13 août 2014), East Yangon University (13 août 2014),

University of Myitkyina (August 18, 2014), Dagon University (August 29, 2014), Dawei University (September 9, 2014), Taungoo University (September 10, 2014), Monywa University (December 24, 2014), Sittwe University (February 11, 2015), Taunggyi University (July 8, 2015), Mawlamyine University (July 15, 2015) and Pyay University (August 7, 2014). The University of Pathein is to succeed in the next few month.

As well as the CLEs, the universities also participate in single three-day CLE courses at many of our major partners throughout the year. At the moment many colleges are implementing CLE methodologies into their teaching and curriculum, while at the same time conducting their own courses to share CLE know-how with their peers and student.

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