Pyay to Thandwe

Thandwe Pyay

The Mrauk U - The (mini-)bus stops in Thandwe. Forum Pyay I will visit isanamar next months, and was looking for the above to do to get to the Ngapali beaches. Notice that there should be a coach from pyay going towards the shore and sometimes mid/late afternoon...

now I kinda wonder if I would be able to do the whole lot all in one days? i.e. how long is the coach to pyay to pyay, and is there one that leaves early tomorrow Formbagan that would allow me to connect to the pyay-to-ungup then?

You should first drive from Bagan toagway and then by coach to Pyay, as most busses go along the expressway from Bagan to Yangon. They' re not passing Pyay. The next morning you should take a minibus or van from Pyay to Thandwe (Ngapali Beach). Minibus or van departs Pyay at 05:00 and 7:00.

Reached Thandwe around 17:00 o'clock. The monsoons of July are probably the hardest, landslips, villages werehed away.... they are still building up from the monsoons of the last years up there in the Arakan Yomas mountains. This is why most Ngapali resort are closing this year.

You can go to any other SE-Asia sandy spot, your odds of getting the sun and not being drowned in high water are much better. Right now it seems to be a better period for emergency aid in Thandwe than for tourism bucks. The latest news: the tide in Arakan swept away several hundred homes.

As many as 221 homes, few of them buddhistic shrines, were flushed away in the recent tidal waves that hit the northern part of Arakan. "The last tsunami left over 1000 deaths from 12 townships under the Town of Thandwe in Southrakan, " said a civil servant. "Urgent help is needed to help the many communities that have been devastated by severe rains and flooding in the Thandwe area of Rakhine state.

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