Pyay to Ngapali

Ngapali Pyay

It is a great city for a stopover, and the landscape from Pyay to Ngapali is beautiful. I'm afraid I have no up-to-date information on travel. The best way is to take the bus from Bagan to Pyay. From Pyay the visitors take another bus to Thandwe. The Ngapali is mainly aimed at rich foreigners.

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In my last contribution Daniel answered that 20 nights will be beautiful, but at this point I have not considered the shore. and we will gladly stay 5-7 nights on the shore, which does not leave many nights left.... so 13-15 nights will be enough to coat the area?

3rd can someone, on the basis of the route, suggest which of the beaches suits better? ngapali or spea? There is enough spare but in some places you have to be fast, maybe 1-2 nights in Bagan or Mandalay.

Best part of Bagan is to explore the temple by bike and get to some of the secluded places that are seldom, if ever, seen by visitors.

Just so you know....the painfull coach ride from Ngapali via Pyay to Bagan lasts two and a half day. That means one overnight in Pyay (Prome). It'?s 12 hours plus from Ngapali to Pyay alone, and the roads are poor! What about Yangoon to Ngapali? There' s a coach going through the south seaside town of Gwa.

To Ngapali, but also to the other places in Myanmar. Myanmar's notorious low speed drive can significantly reduce the amount of travelling around the cities and the city.

And even one of these boats - from Mandalay to Bagan - will eat a whole orbit. One way to improve the other places - and involve a Kalaw trip - would of course be to reduce the number of nights you spend on the shore. In Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake it really takes at least 3 full working nights to get a good feeling for these places - and in the case of Mandalay also for the old capital cities around.

The Pyin U Lwin mountain terminal is located just to the North of Mandalay, where you can also stay for a few more nights. There is no great deal of ground for most visitors to stay in Yangon. As soon as you see Shwedagon, it's quitting the city.

Budgeted at least two whole day there, but maybe not much more. We' ve chosen to just do it at our own speed and not hurry to go to all the places I' ve just told you. Thank you!

Both of the beautiful Ngapali beach you mentioned are further northern and with better waters, but also mostly more tourist and higher rates.

No more than 2-3 nights on the beaches, as they don't contain anything quite different than others you can see in the Asian region. A good place for brief excursions to sanctuaries, mines and small towns, Bagan is a must and you can also make a full moon excursion to Mt. Popa and do some local hiking tours.

The Inley is very beautiful and the new Sekin is one of the better excursions in the area.

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