Pyay to Bagan Bus

Sailing to Bagan Bus

It' easy to get to Lake Inle by bus or plane from Bagan. Two days after visiting the sights of Yangon, take the bus or train to the old town of Pyay. I would like to go from Rangoon to Bagan and think about a stopover in Pyay.

Piyay and the long bus to Bagan

Our next stop is Bagan, but we wanted to interrupt the trip (usually a 14 hours Yangon bus) with a few stopovers. From a geographical point of view, Pyay lies about halfway between Yangon and Bagan, but the roads beyond Pyay mean that it is a completely different history in the real world.

Yangon-Pyay bus wasn't too low. Once again we were the only bus passengers and the conversation was gentle, cheerful caraoke and a kitschy Myanmar sit comedy with really poor performances. Pyay (formerly Prome) has a long tradition. There is an antique site near here, which was built between the fifth and ninth century.

And we really loved to hang out in town, drink a cup of hot water and a cup of hot cup of hot water and watch caraoke video clips in the town' s caf├ęs. We' re always talking about qaraoke because for some strange reasons the tracks sound so intimate.

It' s all in Burmese, but we realized that the tracks are all cover versions of pop genre album. In Pyay itself, the major attractions are the Shwesandaw Paya, which is actually bigger than Yangon's Shwedagon Paya. After that came the bewildering and somewhat inconvenient part, where we tried to get from Pyay to Bagan.

From here there are no busses directly to Bagan, so we wanted to take a daily bus from Pyay to Magwe, stay the following morning in Magwe and the next morning take a bus directly to Bagan. Unfortunately, the tugs at the bus terminal were particularly agressive and seemed anxious to increase the bus to Magwe (unless it has really redoubled since our guidebook was published, but the remainder of the bus fares in the travel books were not so far away).

Instead, we decided to take the night bus coming from Yangon and passing through Pyay on the way to Bagan (for the full Yangon Bagan fare). It seems that the regular Yangon Bagan bus (A/C, etc.), which most travellers take, does not stop in Pyay and it drives all the way on proper highways.

This bus that passes through Pyay is of the much older rural type and follows a different road that competes with the cameroonese.

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