Pyay to Bagan

Sailing Pyay to Bagan

But I have no idea if we can travel from Pyay to Bagan or Inle. I' d like to take the train from Pyay to Bagan. PYYAY to Bagan - 3 ways by rail, taxicab, ferry, automobile and airplane

Which is the best way from Pyay to Bagan? From Pyay to Bagan the best way is the shuttle, which is 18? - 21 and lasts 17 h 21 mins. Which is the shortest way from Pyay to Bagan? Flying and driving is the shortest way from Pyay to Bagan, which is 30? - 240 and lasts 5 h 6 mins.

So how far is it from Pyay to Bagan? It is 259 km from Pyay to Bagan. It is 341 kilometres by car. So how long does it take from Pyay to Bagan? The journey from Pyay to Bagan lasts approx. 10h34min. Transfer included. May I go from Pyay to Bagan?

Yes, the route between Pyay and Bagan is 341 km. The journey from Pyay to Bagan lasts approx. 5h16min. Which enterprises provide service between Pyay, Myanmar and Bagan, Mandalay region, Myanmar? There''s no straight line from Pyay to Bagan. You can, however, take a cab to Aunglan Township, take the bus to Bagan and then take a cab to Bagan.

As an alternative, Zeat 61 Agency runs a weekly boat service from Pyay to Bagan. The ticket costs 14 and the trip lasts 17 hours and 15 minutes. Would you like to know more about traveling around the globe? Why you should take the US rail and go to France: Shvezandaw is a buddhistic pit in Bagan, Burma.

It consists of a row of five patios overlooked by a cylinder shaped stupa decorated with an awning. Made in 1057 by King Anawrahta, the pavilion once had terracotta tile with Jataka-scene. Anchored in the holiness of the Gautama Buddha hair, preserved by Thaton.

Kubyauk-gyi Tempel, in Myinkaba village, just south of Bagan, Myanmar, is a buddhistic sanctuary erected in 1113 A.D. by Prince Yazakumar, just after the demise of his pagan dynasty fathers, King Kyansittha. Firstly, it contains a large number of well-preserved frescos on the inside of the building, the oldest period frescos to be found in Bagan.

Each fresco is complemented by Indian intaglio, which is one of the oldest illustrations of the use of the Myanmar school. Secondly, the sanctuary is situated just south of the Myazediagoda, where two columns of stones with epigraphs in four old South East Asiatic tongues have been found:

Because of its historical and linguistic meaning, the lettering on the column of the Myazedi pit was described as the Burmese Rosetta stone, the crypt for breaking the Pyu tongue. Here you find all transportation possibilities for your journey from Pyay to Bagan.

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