Pyay ti Oo Movies 2015

The Pyay ti Oo Movies 2015

In 2009 Pyay Ti Oo appeared in six films and many TV commercials. "In the movies I can only play sibling roles with my first cousin and we can't shoot love scenes." They married the actor Pyay Ti Oo on 1 January 2011. The protagonists were Pyay Ti Oo, Min Oo and Anger Hmone Shwe Yee. In 2008 she played the leading role in the films.

A new film to view - Pyay Ti Oo, Moe Hay Ko

The new film "Yin Bat Gyi nae Chit Lite Mel" will soon be shown in Myanmar theaters. It will be made by War War Win Shwe's film production and featuring Myanmar celebs Pyay Ti Oo and Moe Hay Ko:

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Myanmar and Thailand's "TT & Donut", THE FIRST-EVER film cooperation, premiered last Sunday at the National Theatre of Yangon and attracted celebrities such as the Chief Minister of Yangon, the advisor (Commercial) of the Royal Thai Embassy, Pakainay Leng-ee and ET, a soothsayer whose customers are Asia's wealthy and mighty especially Thai political figures and high-ranking warriors.

It was a small treasure, but the Myanmar Golden Princess and Thai entertainer Bec Tero found the award-worthy. "TT & Donut" was presented to the Thai press in September at Paragon Cineplex as the first cooperation between Golden Princess and Bec Tero.

He was looking for a Thai firm to work with, while Bec Tero wanted to develop his interests in Myanmar after successfully entering into a JV with Yangon-based multimedia firm and channel Forever Group. The Forever BEC Tero, as the firm is called, is producing TV shows and plays for Myanmar's MRTV-4 and Channel 7.

However, while the movie has now been enjoying its debut, it will be released a little later. In Myanmar, the latest timetable shows a publication either shortly before 2016 or in January, followed by a Thai publication in March. While the movie was initially scheduled to be released in Thailand in January, Golden Princess's executive Thet Lwin chose to wait out of deference to the deceased King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

He' also hopes to come home with a pop and believes that he will be the stepping stone for the movie' s inauguration. While the movie will have a wide circulation, the spotlight, he says, will be on Myanmar congregations across Thailand in areas such as Mae Sot in Tak county, Samut Songkhram, Ranong and Bangkok.

Myanmar's super star Pyay Ti Oo plays as a rich youngster Ti Oo or TT, who is visiting Thailand when he is charged with abducting Donut (Chattarika Sittiprom), the daugther of a mighty gangster who is about to get married to a celebrity business man. Adsajan Sattagovit, who worked in close collaboration with the Myanmar producer and actress Ti Oo, is directing the plot.

Working for the first international factory, Adsajan tried to find out what Myanmar's cineasts are like, taking into consideration the country's culture diversity and rigorous restrictions. However, I think it can talk to a Myanmar audience," says the producer. It was filmed mainly in Thailand at the behest of Myanmar's lead investors.

Just like the Japanese manufacturers, who preferred the wonderful landscape of Japan and South Korea as the backdrop for their movies, he wanted to give the movie a more more exotic touch. For Chattarika, the runner-up in the Miss Thailand World 2014 competition, who made her star appearance in the movie, the shooting itself was hectic.

38-year-old Ti Oo enjoys working with a Thai movie team and says he found them more systematically than her colleagues in Myanmar. Myanmar Motion Pictures' author and comedian Lu Min, who has been chairman for four years, is optimistic that the co-production will help the Myanmar movie-making community to be more organized and open to the world.

Over 100 movies are currently being made every year - and the trend is upwards - but the cinema has such a large audience that the theatres can only bring about 20 movies to the theaters and the others have to stand in line. "Producer find it very hard to work and often have to provide larger budget to remake the footage that the moviemakers don't like," he says, and adds that these issues must be solved if film-making is to evolve, Lu Min says he still likes to play and write, but that he is too employed as director of MMPOs to help other film-makers.

"This cooperation will help us to enhance not only the overall picture but also our advertising. We have a rather small cinema and I would like to see a greater diversity of histories and more cinemas.

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