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"The Chit Chinn Egg Pyin Sha Sha Yin Khone Than" is a remake of a film (video) from Lun Htar Htar's novel. Originally published either in 1997 or 1998, the film showed the great film star Dwe and Soe Myat Thuzar. It has something to do with the track "La Min Chit Thu".

Pyay Thi Oo and Thet Mon Myint is a bit different from the originals, although it's essentially the same tale about a crazy little girlfriend who was in lover with her girlfriend and frankly expressing herself. In fact, they even rebuked Korea drama for letting young women believe she could freely declare her true will.

Sri Ma Ma Ma Ko is desperately in love with Nyi Thu Ta, who is in the same college as her. Although he was quite angry with her, he thought she was a girlfriend and tried to help her learn, even though she was hardly up. It is not the same as being an internship because they do not have a degree from the Faculty of Medicine).

Ma Ma Ma Sat Ma saw a poverty-stricken older lady who was not able to buy her medication, so she pledged to buy it for her. But when she went back to the infirmary, the older lady was released from the infirmary. She was still resolved to give the medication along with some other gifts, and asked Nyi Thu Ta to take her to the town where the wife lived.

Arriving in their villages, they had to pass a very small wooden construction with only one rail. She wore high heels, but she was able to get across them with the help of Nyi Thutta. Arriving at the home, the older lady returned two pumpkins as a gift.

When she reached the Buddha River Nyi Thu Ta Sat Sat Ma Ma did not help at all while she had to traverse it by carrying the pumpkins and carrying highheels. Even when she was still fighting all of a sudden, she dropped from the viaduct into the sea. So Nyi Thu Ta leapt into the sea to help her and brought her back to the dock.

They had a girl who was just like Sat Ma Ma. In comparison to the orginal edition the end was different. They did not show the little girl in her infancy in the film. Instead, her daugther was raised to become a medical schoolgirl, and like her mom, she was desperate in fall in love wit her girlfriend.

Returning the girl to her parent, he told a lie about the cause of the burn out, but her dad asked him if he had forgotten his keys or something. Well, I recall that because that kid Thet was Ti. In the past I didn't like Thet Mon Myint because she was poor at drama and her vocals were really weird.

I' d only seen her in politics films on television and I' d chosen not to lend any of her films. Until I saw "Venus's Love" I didn't see any of her movies and I was really amazed by her. She was really funny in this film. Though I can't recall much of the source film except the ending, I think the actors were a little older to be med student, while Pyay Ti Oo and Thet Mon Myint were better suited for the part.

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