Pyay ti Oo Moe hay Ko

Yay Yoo-yo Moe hay Ko

Pey-Ti-Oo, Moe Hay Ko. Aung Min Khant, Moe Hay Ko. Pey-Ti-Oo, Moe Hay Ko.

A Pyay Ti Oo & Moe Hay Ko: "``Kyun Taw Yae Moe Tain`` film making

The following is an exlusive videoclip of "Kyun Taw Yae Moe Tain" or "Cloud of Mine" by director Pwint Theingi Zaw (AryoneOo) at the Eaksitan Housing in Thingangyun, Yangon on October 21, 2015. Famous actresses - Pyay To Oo and Moe Hay Ko play together with other supporters.

"Ma Pyaung Lel:

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