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???????????? - A Phyu Yaung Mut Thar ?. The Myanmar Funny Movie- Pyay Ti Oo, Wai Hlwan, And. Theanmar Movie Asint Myint Chit Sakr Myar-Pyay Ti Oo, Thet Mon Myint, Tint Tint Tun.

Indra Kyaw Zin

The Myanmar Academy Award 2004 was won by Kyaw Zin, who played a villian in the film Flirtatious Sky (???????????????? ??????????????). Though over 30, she is still a top performer and star in an exciting business full of young people. They got remarried to Pyay Ti Oo on 1 January 2011. On 14 October 2011 she gave birth to her first baby and on 27 August 2015 to her baby.

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On November 30, the Pyay Ti Oo Education Foundation's fifth annual scholarship award ceremony was hosted at the Sky Star Hotel in Yangon, The Donations Receiving (or) Funds Raising Events of the Pyay Ti Oo Foundation, the actor Pyay Ti Oo created, took place at the Park Royal Hotel in Yangon, where the Behind the Scenes videos of Yit Pat Naung Tawe filmmaker Hein Soe at Mya Khwar Nyo Housing in Yangon on November 14, 2012 Film Academy Award Winners;

The Pyay Ti Oo (Best Male Artist Award) and Phway Phway (Best Female Artist Award) donated to (11) organisations;

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