Pyay Strand

The Pyay Beach

Myanmar, Pyay Beach Hotel, Pyay (Prome). The Pyay Strand Hotel is a two-story building on the eastern bank of the Ayeyarwaddy River. Peytay - Go Go Go Star Travel Grönland Villa Resort is set in greenery. Inviting and occupying Myanmar, the English established several commercial centres on the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy River, which act as a direct transit path from northern to southern Myanmar. A branch on the east shore of the Ayeyarwaddy in Pyay was officially called Prome in settlement.

With the name " Lucky Dragon ", Lucky means good fortum and Dragon is thought to be a very mighty animal in Sin. The Lucky Dragon Hotell was constructed in year 3 and is a significant enrichment for the town' s urban bust. Just 0.1 km from the town centre, the strategically located property allows visitors to quickly and simply access many attractions.

It is conveniently located for simple accessibility to the city's attractions. In the Lucky Dragon Hôtel the outstanding services and equipment ensure an memorable sojourn. To ensure the guest's well being and comforts, the guesthouse provides restaurants, linen services / drying services, trips, room services, park. The Mingalar Garden Resort was constructed in 1996.

It is located in the 55 hectare verdant, luxuriant Pyay (Prome) complex of kyarpyans, only 180 leagues from Yangon. It is easy to reach by road. Nearly all of our guests and locals are singing the praise of our beautiful bungalow around Natural Spring Lake and enjoy the shade of the tropic tree.

Our resort's rooms are equipped with the latest comforts. You can also visit Pyay and Ayeyerwaddy River Pagoda Trails from the resorts. It' a beautiful two-star Resortstyletel. Rooms in bungalowstyle around the artificial lakeside in the Hotelviertel. The Mingalar Garden is built around the lagoon of the source.

The Mya Kyun Nadi Motel is perfectly placed in the main tourist area of Pyay and offers a restful and beautiful sight. The Mya Kyun Nadi Motel is an ideal option for exploring Pyay or just to unwind and tapering. The Pyay Strand Hotel is a two-story hotel on the east shore of the Ayeyarwaddy City.

You can see the powerful Ayeyarwaddy Riviera, Rakhine Yoma Mountain Ranges, located on the other side of the Nawaday Bridge from the front of the city. Located in the centre of the city of Pyay (Prome), the old capitol of the Pyu empire, known as Thayekhitaya or Sri Ksetra. It is one of the largest cities between Yangon and Bagan.

Located in the city centre, near the pit. This is the second best accommodation in Pyay, along the Hauptstraße. It' a lovely, family-run place. Approx. 10 min walk from the Ayeyarwaddy and Nawaday bridges over the Ayeyarwaddy Riv.

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