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Explore the best restaurants in Pyay, including Grandma Café, Yes! A bossy restaurant, entertainment and gastronomy travel guide for Pyay, Burma Myanmar. The Pyay - or Prome City - once existed as a city with a king throne monarchy.

Eating and meeting

The best place for breakfasts was the café on the streets one pad southwards of Lucky Dragon and Pyay Beach. It' the first one on the southside of the highway, nearest to the riverbank. The May Ywet War Myanmar Restaurant, better known as Auntie Moe's, one stop up Kan St, was our favorite restaurant in Kyay thanks to its delicious cuisine.

Next to the café has free WiFi and if you ask me a nice question, I'll give you the passwords you can use while you're at Aunt Moe's house. There are a number of pubs and restaurants along Lanmadaw Street, just South of the Aung San Memorial, and they are a favourite both for lunches and dinners. There is a street square around the Bogyoke Street, more or less leading from the railroad track to Strand Road and the riverbank.

You' ll be spying on Grandma's eatery on the west side - we haven't tried it, but it's a West German dining area. For sundowners, the Hline Ayar Riverbank Restuar, a few paces just off the Nightside Street, is a good choice. Further rivershore opportunities are Southern Star, about a kilometer southward along the riverbank and Romeo Cold Cafe, about 500 meters due north of the midnight fair, just before Central Mar.

Located right on the riverbank between Lucky Dragon and Pyay Beach, the San Francisco Restuarant is as far as you can see from San Francisco.

Myanmar Times | Prome City Restaurant

The Pyay - or Promeity - once existing as a royal enthroned state. Pyay, one of Myanmar's many ancient capital cities (pronounced "Pyee" and known as "Prome" in Spanish colonies ), is a tranquil, stupa-saturated coastal resort about 290 kilometers from Yangon, about six-hour drive from Yangon, on the banks of the River Irwaddy. Though Pyay is not known for its greatness, it is renowned for its local cuisine, which is known to be very inexpensive but great in tast.

In order to fill this void, the Prome City restuarant - situated on Bo Aung Kyaw Street (next to the father's office) - now brings the exquisite local cuisine from Pyay to Yangonites. Prome City is small and well furnished and has a enchanting winding stairway leading to the loft of the cafe.

There have been few clients inside the store since it opened last months, among them us. Once I had tried the most important Pyay meal, Pyay Pata (hot poultry meat with potatoe sauce and Palatha) in the home of my collegue, who was borne and grew up in Pyay.

As we know Pyay-Food, we have simply chosen our meals from the buffet lunch. Snacks of Pyay Palatha (K2000), roasted rissalad with Myanmar peas (K2000), Prome City local lettuce (K1200), and two side orders from the China side menu: lime-kalmarsalad (K 6000) and prawns with grain - which is not on the menue - (K6000).

Not long after the opening, the waitress said that the new meal - which includes over a hundred different dishes such as Burmese, Pyay, Thai and Mandarin - will appear at the end of this months and we were asked to try their best cuisine.

One peel of Pyay Palatha comes with a slices of lemon, onion, and chili. The next one is the Prome City local lettuce. In contrast to the lettuce in Yangon, the lettuce contains additives such as toofu, pasta, peppaya, potatoes and vermicelli. But it wasn't the best meal of Prome City.

When we ate the burnt paddy or rissalad, but we've never even known about these two or know they're coming together for dinner. We' ve all been digging into the roasted lettuce with an additional eggs. Unfortunately, the lettuce was not well decorated. I can' t make a judgement on decorations and orders.

Then, the curried meals came from the China menue, prawns with grain are the best. This delicious flavour of octopus lettuce can blast away anything that hurts you. I could only taste a little of the lettuce even for a guy like me who liked hot meals.

A mixture of spicy ingredients and lemon sourness made the octopus lettuce a favourite of my mate. She was ill and had no great taste. The Prome City offers not only local cuisine, but also Chinese, Thai and Myanmar cuisine with meals. All in all, Prome City is a good place for abstainers and connoisseurs like us.

In addition to local dairy teas and latte - K 1000 for each and every mug - the restaurants offer only a few refreshing refreshments. Promecity is open daily from 8:30 to 20:00 and is situated on the groundfloor, No. 301, 9 Qtr, Bo Aung Kyaw St, Kyauktada Township.

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