Pyay Pagoda

pagoda pyay

Zhwesandaw Pagoda and Sehtutgyi Pagoda, Aungmyebahu Pagoda, Htonbo Akauktaung Pagoda. The Payagyi Pagoda was built in the early part of the Thayekhittaya Pyu period. The pagoda offers a great view of Pyay and its surroundings. edit.

The Pyay and Thayekhittaya

Pyay Trade Center, located on the lower Ayeyarwady River, was founded around the twelfth century during the Bagan Age after the collapse of the Pyu town of Thayekhittaya. It was a booming town during the UK Colonisation when it became the home of the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company.

Myanmar's first railroad linked Pyay with Yangon as early as 1877. Zhwesandaw Pagoda. This gigantic pagoda, which lies on a mountain that dominates Pyay, was first founded in 589 BC and the gold cedipher contains four Buddha's hair. It is one of the largest places of worship in Myanmar and every year in November it holds a renowned "pwe", a fun.

This pagoda, one meter higher than the large shwedagon, is (unusually) dominated by 2'hti' or canopies. The first one is from the time of the town under the Kingdom of Mon and one was added by King Alaung Paya as a sign of freedom after he conquered the town in 1754. It has a panorama view over the town and the stream.

Pagoda Shwemyetman. Situated about nine kilometres from Pyay in the village of Shwedaung. This pagoda is known throughout the state for its large Buddha glasses with gold-plated edges. Away from Pyay on the rocks with a view of the stream are these lying and meditative Buddha pictures taken by nineteenth century road-raisers.

It is a nice half days trip from Pyay by road and onboard. On the way back to the town you can stop in the old webdorf Myoma. Myanmar's major tourist attractions are the old capitol Thayekhittaya. The' Fabulous City' was founded in the fifth century by the Pyu, the civilization that existed before Burma's Gold Age.

Together with the remnants of the pyu towns of Beikthano and Halin, Thayekhittaya was designated a UNESCO nomination. Survivors of this vast town, the biggest ever to have been constructed by this civilization, covers about 19 sqkm. and is best explored by bull car. The town' s high points are the Bawbawgyi Pagoda, one of the oldest in the town; the Leimyethna Pagoda with its old Buddha relief and the old town gates.

There are artefacts found in the archeological area, such as Hindu gods, Buddha pictures, jewelry, coins as well as bronzes by artists and performers. Situated six hrs by road north west of Yangon, Pyay is reachable by climate-controlled rental vehicle. There' s no airfield in Pyay. You can visit the Shwemyetman Pagoda on the way to or from Yangon.

It is recommended to stay in Pyay for at least two days to discover the town and the Thayekhittaya.

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