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Myanmar: Eight Myanmar college kids detained for illicit protests

Myanmar's Bago district on Thursday apprehended eight student arrests demanding the freeing of demonstrators apprehended early this months while demanding an end to fights in Kachin State, where the country's military is involved in antagonism with the Kachin Independence Group. "Others are already faced with the same charges over their part in a May 6 protests in Nattalin township," said the well, a protestor called Metta Oo.

Eight detainees today were detained in the Pyay Town Hall in Bago and are members of the Basic Education students Union student group, Metta Oo said, and added that a five-member hearings have now been scheduled for June 4. "She said, "They did not request approval for today's protests, although the county council and municipal cops phoned them last night and asked them to request approval.

Myanmar's de facto Malaysian de facto Palestinian Aung San Suu Kyi and her reigning NLD have come under fire in recent months over the arrest and detention of demonstrators and others who frankly criticise the country's civil authorities or still mighty army. Right-wing groups and Myanmar attorneys see the prosecution of accusations against non-violent demonstrators as a danger to the free speech and association in the South East Asia nation, which was elected at the end of 2015 after five years of NLD-run warfare.

Myanmar's student organisations have meanwhile spoken out against new limitations imposed by university officers in campus open talks, which they believe have been introduced to stop them from giving policy talks and debates. On May 21, the contract, which was awarded by the Ministry of Higher and Higher Learning of the Ministry of Higher Edcuation of Myanmar, was sent to all universities in the state.

Aung Shin said the NLD plans to host a national meeting soon, which will draw younger members and ultimately allocate "appropriate tasks" for members of all age groups.

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