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floor plans. A Zaykabar Group office tower on Pyay Road was put into operation. The Pyay Garden Office Tower offers the perfect mix of first-class real estate and first-class infrastructure to meet your business requirements. The Pyay Garden Office Tower offers bright office space for rent.

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The Pyay Garden Office Tower

The Pyay Garden Office Tower provides the ideal mix of world-class properties and facilities to suit your needs. Situated in the centre of the vibrant commercial area, you have direct links to various banks, hotels, hospitals, shopping centres and restaurants.

It' the ideal place for your company get-togethers, conference and seminars and is fully fitted with a large projection and projection area. It' the ideal place for your company gatherings, conference and seminars and is fitted with a large projection and a large canvas. It offers a bright working environment that encourages creativity and company effectiveness.

A passionate staff from the centre will help you photocopy, scan, type, print, shred, paper, bookbinding, mail service, car rental & limousines, newspaper service, translation service, ticketing, doctor & dentist on call, mobile phone rental, prepaid SIM cards rental, florist service, airport pickup service, forwarding and other enquiries.

The dedicated staff from the BCC is there to help and advise our lessees.

Served apartments and Pyay Garden in Myanmar

Yangon Pyay Garden Residence, Myanmar, is a housing and office development that opened in 2016. This 25-storey apartment block has 173 apartments. The adjoining office tower was already 40% occupied after the opening. Those two outbuildings will take up about 2. 79 acres north of Pyay Street, Yangon.

The Yangon, Myanmar residential complex has been under development since 2000. Work on the project was stopped for several years until 2011, when work was resumed. At the beginning of 2016, the owners received a certificate of completion from the Yangon City Development Committee, and the occupants have been living here since June of the same year.

The Pyay Garden Residence Yangon, Myanmar, is run by the Zaykabar Group, a notorious property firm renowned for its pioneer work and leadership of the Myanmar property world. This house is situated near the town centre, the centre of the town and the commercial area. There are airports, malls, clinics and colleges near the apartments.

The Yangon residential property provides two different kinds of floor plans for prospective purchasers. Each room has three rooms and two baths, but the room sizes differ. The C1 model is 1283 sq ft, while the C2 model is slightly bigger at 1404 sq ft. The Zaykabar Group also provides purchasers with fully or partially refurbished items, giving them the freedom to take their used items from their former address or not.

The Pyay Garden Residence Yangon, Myanmar, also provides its occupants with a broad palette of luxurious amenities, such as 183 residential car parks, high-speed elevators, dining, caf├ęs, banquet rooms, gyms, swimmingpools and more. The Pyay Garden Office Tower provides light office space for rent. Equipped with hardened safety glasses, automated sprinkler and fire alarm systems, the tower can withstand earthquakes up to 7.5 Richter.

The first and second levels contain 515. The office space is 97 sqm with seven office suite; the third and forth level are 601. The 22 sq. ft. with three large office suite; and the fifth and 6th levels have 516. Fifty-eight sq. metres of office space with space for six office suite.

All Pyay Garden Office Tower is fitted with 24-hour CCTV monitoring and protection to protect the tenants' personal belongings. The Pyay Garden Residence Yangon, Myanmar, and the Yangon Office Tower are ideally situated in Yangon, Myanmar and make the visit of favourite touristic sights a cinch. The Sule Pagoda, the Karaweik Palace, the National Museum of Myanmar, MahaBandoola Park and Lake Inya are some of the most important sights.

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