Pyay Garden Myanmar

Myanmar Pyay Garden

The Pyay Garden Residence is managed by the renowned Zay Kabar Group, a leading and pioneering real estate company in Myanmar. The Pyay Garden Office Tower on Pyay Road will be available for rent and sale from August. "I hope the Pyay Garden Condominium will make Myanmar proud of the services and security it provides to its residents," he added. A Zaykabar Group office tower on Pyay Road was put into operation. Yangon Apartments, Pyay Garden Residence.

Tsaykabar opens Pyay Garden Office Tower

Well-known Pyay Garden Office Tower is situated at 46/354 Pyay Road, Sanchaung Township, near Hantha Waddi Roundabout in Yangon. Included in the development is the 25-story Pyay Garden condo with 176 apartments. In the past year a permit was issued authorizing the builder to modify the type of entities of the 25-storey building projec.

and Zaykabar is a large Myanmar city. ARCHITECTURES are ADDP from Singapore, together with the consultants DE Consultants and United Project Consultants. Not only can you count on FocusCore for developing this fast-growing business, but also for a full suite of business related needs, from start-up to annual business assistance.

Zephyr Restaurant - Review of Seinn Lann So Pyay Garden, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

As with many in Myanmar, the services were very good and kind. There were six beer and a few soda limes, then the meals were all good, a little bit of chickadonnaise, tofu/veg lettuce, seafood pasta, lettuce and a few rices came to 45,000. just over $30.

It' s relaxed and not too repellent that some people use the place for events and put it in beautiful yards.

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