Pyay Garden Condominium

Condominium Pyay Garden

Pyay Garden Office Tower on Pyay Road will be rented and sold from August. Pyay Garden Office Tower on Pyay Road will be rented and sold from August. Magnificent location, luxurious condo with amenities. Add condos to your favorites.

Snackbarden 3 Bedroom Condo

Located on Pyay Road, Pyay Garden Condominium is only 800 metres or 10 minutes on foot from the centre of Myaynigone, where you will find a wide range of shops, pubs and shops. Recently available 1400 sqm on the sixth storey, the front door leading through the spacious balconies to the lounge and eating area.

Fully-equipped with a new oven, refrigerator, electric cooker and laundry-dryer. It has two rooms with full furnishings and the master room with twin bed and bath, which sits next to the windows and offers a beautiful, quiet and panoramic views of the town. The condominium is available for rent for 6 months or 12 months with full furnishings at a price of US$3800 per months in the home.

There are also large outside pool and a gym for refreshments and many free car parks.

The Pyay Garden Condo Project - Residential Building (Apartment

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Complete equipment Condo ShweDagon Pagoda View

A great check-in event - 100% of the youngest visitors rated the check-in procedure at this hotel with 5 stars. Beautiful position - 100% of the youngest visitors rated the house with 5 stars. Shiny clear - 3 new customers said this house was shiny clear. Superb situation, luxury residential complex with facilities, best place in Yangon for me.

Answer by Phillip: Thank you Julia. We' re glad that you are enjoying our apartment. Answer by Phillip: Answer by Phillip: Thank you for your feedbacks. The majority of the residents of this apartment are professional expatriates working in Yangon. You will receive detailed information about the locations after confirming a reservation. You can then withdraw up to 5 nights before check-in and receive a full reimbursement, less the servicing charge.

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