Pyay Garden

The Pyay Garden

The Pyay Garden becomes an employee of the real estate market as an office tower and also as a residential building. The Pyay Garden is managed by the renowned Zaykabar Group, one of the largest and largest companies in Myanmar. The Pyay Garden Residence offers its guests an outdoor pool, a fitness centre and a children's pool. His Lann So Pyay Garden, Yangon (Rangoon) picture:

Flats, offices for sale/ sale in Pyay Garden

The Pyay Garden Officehall on Pyay Road will be available for rent and sales from August. Offices can be adapted to different tenants' needs. "Both the letting and the sales of offices are possible in the control centre. Our offer included both decorative and unadorned offices.

The price will vary according to the customer's choice," said Ko Sai Sit Moe Thaw, Deputy Director of the Pyay Garden Tower. There are currently 30 offices for rent and resale to potential renters and buyers on nine floors, at a price between $50 and $70 per sq. ft. for rent and nearly $350 per sq. ft. (approximately K400.00) for resale.

Besides selling offices and renting in the lighthouse, Pyay Garden Residence also sells and rents flats. After completion there will be 176 flats on 25 floors in the Pyay Garden Residence. Currently 43 flats are already on the market and 10 flats are available for buy, while the remainder is still under construction.

"but we need to redecorate the outbuildings. It', the Pyay Garden Residence Director of Sale Ma Thandar said to Myanmar Business Today.

Pyay Garden Offices

Pyay Garden is an 8-storey, recently completed commercial center that houses renowned leaseholders such as Korean Airlines. Each storey has its own bureaus in different configuration, and an appartment block is on the same area. The Pyay Garden is easily accessible on the streets of Pyay and Uwisara, making it easily accessible from the northern and southern sides of the town.

Yangon Pyay Garden Residence

The Pyay Garden Residence is ideal for both commercial and recreational trips and is located in Hlaing, one of the most beloved places in the town. Located only from the centre of the town and the international airports, this 5-star object draws many travellers every year. Due to the favourable traffic situation of the real estate the most important goals of the town are easily attainable.

The Pyay Garden Residence provides many opportunities to enhance your time in Yangon. All rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi in all rooms, 24-hour safety, taxis, 24-hour reception and disability services. A wide range of leisure activities will keep you busy during your visit.

The Pyay Garden Residence is a clever option for travellers to Yangon and offers a relaxing and stress-free sojourn.

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