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Myanmar Pyay City

It's a town halfway between Yangon and Bagan. You can stop in Pyay and travel on to Bagan and Mandalay. Pyay (Burmese terms) is also known as Prome, located near the Irrawaddy River in the Bago region. Old Pyu Cities, Pyay, Myanmar. in the small town of Pyay, six hours north of Yangon.

Guide to Pyay City

pyay (Burmese terms) is also known as Prome, situated near the Irrawaddy river in the Bago region. The city is full of old burmese cultures. Pyay City's populace is over 134,861 according to the 2014 census. Throughout the year the temperature in this city is very high.

This was the first city in Myanmar to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The capital of the Pyu Dynasty is Thayekhittaya (Burmese name). Old town Thayekhittaya is 5 nautical miles away in the southeast of Pyay city. They can see the rest of the capable things like city walls, buildings, pagodas and temples from the time of Thayekhittaya.

pyay city has many famed lagoons like the other city in Myanmar like Mandalay, Bagan and MoneYwar (Burmese term). This is not false when one says that Pyay's attractions include temples and lagoons. The Shwe San Daw PaYa, Phayagyi (Burmese name) pagoda, Sehtatgyi (Burmese name) pagoda and Shwe Bone Thar muni pagoda are some of the best visited places to be.

Travellers should also pay a visit to Akauk Taung, Hmawza ("Burmese term") museum and old Pyu graveyard. Pagodas and temples are not the only things renowned, the Pyay cuisine is also well known. At Pyay we offer great local cooking for you. The Shwe Taung noodles are popular foodstuffs that Myanmar loves to have.

As a rule, traditionally produced food is available near the popular tourist attractions. There are many places to go in Pyay. So if you are traveling to Pyay City, you can find and reserve inexpensive Pyay accommodation through the Jovago Myanmar website.

pyay akauk taung journey (2Days/1Nights)

Also known as Prome, Pyay is the capital of the Bago Division in Myanmar. Situated on the east shore of the Ayeyarwady River, Pyay is 260 km northwest of Yangon. At the end of the nineteenth centuries, the British Irrawaddy Flotilla Company founded today's city on the Ayeyarwady River as a transhipment point for freight between Upper and Lower Myanmar.

Via the Ayeyarwaddy River on the west shore at Htone-Bo there is an attractive spot named Akauk Taung (a tolling mountain). By the end of the Second Anglo-Burmese War Myanmar and the UK roadhouses were side by side on Akauk Taung, a Myanmar landmark road-mountain. Mariners were praying to God by during this time cutting Buddha pictures on the precipitous side of the rock.

One of Myanmar's cultural patrimony areas and the site of numerous Buddha images on the Ayeyarwaddy Riverbank walls will be on display. From Yangon this mornin you will drive towards Pyay, about 286 km northwest of Yangon on the east shore of the Ayeyarwaddy River, about 5 hours.

Either lunch in a nearby snack bar on the way or in Pyay. The ancient city of Pyu from the 1. to 9. century A.D. is Pyay (ex-Prome) renowned for Sriksetra. Civilisation once extended from North to South for several hundred kilometres along the Ayeyarwaddy River, had progressive watering practices and was part of the Buddhist establishment in Myanmar.

When we approach Pyay, we go to Shwe-taung; a small city 14 km from Pyay to see Shwe-myet-hman Phaya, which means "Buddha picture with gold glasses", a hint of a large blank face that sits Buddha picture inside the central shrine. Here we see the Buddha picture in the middle of the central square. Buddha's picture is wearing glasses with a gold rim. It is a saying that this picture can heal diseases specifically for the eye.

We continue to the Shwe-nat -taung Pagoda, which means "Golden Spirit Mountain". According to tradition, it dates back to 283 BC, from which it was rebuilt by a long line of Myanmar rulers with the help of locals and ghosts. When you arrive in Pyay, please make sure you have checked in at the hotel. We return to the hotel and have dinner in a good regional eatery.

Accommodation in Pyay. Head to the other side of the Ayeyarwady River, to Htone Bo; the small city where the government's industry of hard industry is situated, from where you will take a ferry to see an astonishing number of Buddha pictures of different sizes and postures which have been engraved along the river's shore rocks, about 15 minutes departure and 45 minutes boating.

After the second Anglo-Burmese conflict in 1853, Akauk Taung became the frontier between Upper Burma, which was owned by the King of Myanmar, and Lower Burma, which was owned by the English. Here the Brits were taxing goods, traveling by boats on the riverside, and because of the long queues of customs, the boaters began to engrave Buddha pictures along the rocks to pass the while.

Go back to Pyay and eat your meal in a good quality food establishment. Later, visitors will see Se-htet-kyi Phaya, a huge Bhudda picture. Trip back to Yangon and in the evenings; returning to your Yangon resort.

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