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Ayuntamiento Pyay City Map

Wellcome to the Pyay google satellite map! The map of the Pyay Hotels is available on the above linked destination page. Rent a car near the centre of Pyay. Bago Division.svg - Burma Bago locator map.

png. Map of Pyay (Bago Region / Myanmar), view from satellite. Pyay City: map, population, location.

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Ayuntamiento City of Sri Kestra in Pyay, Myanmar

ott is as he names himself - he wouldn't tell me his name. in the little town of Pyay, six lessons south of Yangon. Teaching English at a nearby English language center, he is a motorcycle cab and tour of the Pyu Ancient Cities, and he is selling yogurt mugs from a small stand in a side avenue.

when I went to the first with him. There' always a few people who are offering you their cabs in these small towns.... but Scott seemed different. On the way, he paused and imagined himself and talked a little before suggesting that I visit some places of interest.... and he suggested that I do it for free if I spoke to his students in English for a while.

However, Scott said to me that he would be at his yogurt stand if I wanted to do something, he would tell me where it was, and then he would drive into the omnipresent Myanmar powder. To be frank, I wanted to go to the old town of Sri Kestra on the edge of Pyay and was the primary cause why I was here.

So I jumped on his bicycle and we set out to discover him. The city of Sri Kestra was the biggest of the Pyu towns between the first and the 9th century. Its civilization once extended from the North to the Southwest along the Irrawaddy, had progressive watering technologies and was part of the establishment of Buddhism in Myanmar.

Most of the city has disappeared today, but there are still the remains of the King's residence, a set of shrines, parts of the ramparts and gateways and the four breast-shaped markings at each of the four edges of the border. He was clearly quite well trained, but he seemed to have a special interest in the story.

As you can see, he was not at all struck by the work that the locals had done over the years to renovate the site. There were new tiles glued with inexpensive concretes, some of the old Buddhas were filled with cements, and large parts of the walls were filled with dust and brush.

Later that evening I ran into an ltalian girl on the overnight trains who had been in Pyay for the last few month to work at Sri Kestra. She' d have gotten on well with Scott. We went to the Scott teaching college as planned and I talked to the pupils for half an hours.

I was asked all the same question in English and I said several people that I came from Australia, that I spent two whole week in Myanmar and that my name was Michael. I' ve also said that I like football, because although I don't like it very much, it just seemed simpler.

Excitedly he drew a stack of paper from his yogurt stand and showed me the textbooks he made for his schoolchildren. He had hand-written grammatical guidelines and tutorials in England on each page. Said he'd use the cash I gave him for photocopies and tie more textbooks for the children.

Not in Myanmar. It' s heart-warming to find such a person anywhere in the whole wide globe, but especially in such a poverty-stricken land as Myanmar.

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