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Burma Pyay Bago Region

Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia The Pyay or Prome Voivodeship is a community in the Pyay District in the Bago region of Burma[1] The capital is Pyay. Myanmar Myanmar's administration units (also known as Burma) are organized into twenty-one administration units, including:Districts of Myanmar Burma's states and territories are organized into 67 counties (Burmese: ????

; Myanmar pronunciation:[k??jài?]), which in turn are organized into cities, towns, stations and communities.

The Townships of Myanmar Townships (Burmese: ????????; IPA: [mjo?n??]) are the third tier administration units in Burma. They' re the subdivisions of the districts of Burma. The site is a Wikipedia contribution by participants (read/edit).

2.1.11 Myanmar, Bago Port of Pyay Region - Logistics capacity evaluation

Pyay Harbour has two sites in the center of Pyay, one for general cargo and one for nearby people. No moorings or moorings, the ships dock at the riverbank and use footbridges for uploading and downloading. IWD is in charge of managing the Pyay harbour but has ceased to supervise its operation since July 2013.

The number of ships calling at ports and the volume of goods transhipped have not been registered since that year. It is located in the center of Pyay and can only be entered by a max. of 8 MT 6-wheelers. Management company or harbour authority: River transport. The Pyay is not used.

The closest international airports are Yangon International, 270 km away or Naypyitaw International, 300 km away. Pyay has only a small number of freight carriers, mainly for building material, and all are located in Yangon. Further information about the ports can be found under the following link: Contact list of 4 harbour and waterway operators here.

There have been no harbour capacity figures since 2013. This is mainly because the Yangon-Pyay highway has been upgraded and most freight transports have been transferred to truck. There is a minimal draught of the canal from Yangon to Pyay of up to 10. There is a limitation of the max. permissible amount of load during the drying period due to the low draught of the flow.

There' s plenty of berth, there are no bottlenecks. There are two ways to get from Yangon to Pays. The Twante Channel is favoured by inland navigation. Optional 2 across the Hlaing riverbank (98km length) at Nyaungdon Town is 26km (1. 5 h/3 h) less. Hlaing is favoured by the business community, but is more challenging due to the tight and winding stretches.

Middle of November to middle of May, low draught. According to the trunking strip, 50% charge is absorbed by the boat. The Directorate for Water Resources and Improvement of the Inland Waterways (DWRIRS), which reports to the Ministry of Transport and Communications, charges a flat rate for the use of the canal. It is calculated at the Twante, Nyaungdong, Pyay, Magway, Mandalay and Kathar rivers.

There''s no harbour transhipment devices, just manually. You can only transport the goods by lorry. As the harbour is located within the city, only small lorries can be used for loading: 6-wheel, max. 8 MT configuration.

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