story line Moscow contemporaries. So Nikita and Afina are the ideal couple: young, intelligent, handsome and in loving. Now, perfectly, that is, until Afina abruptly abandons Nikita for a 40-year-old dental professional. So how's Nikita gonna get her back? Present-day Russia.

Dimitri and Alisa are getting engaged. Dmitri is still happily remarried to Vasya, who is refusing to give him a probation.

Will Dmitri and his boyfriends persuade Vasya to make her think differently? They work for the indigenous criminal in Vladivostok, Russia, until an order compels Vova and his best mate Kisa to challenge their own morals and test their friendships. The boys are taken along on their way to a vision and the hopes of getting everything at once to fulfill the job of the locals.

Present-day Russia. So he fled to a small city where he decided to train the locals. A friday evening is almost like a short New Year's Eve. Any kind of surprise can be expected on this evening. There is a particular charm to Friday evening.

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Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Kapelle (Russian: ????????? ????????? ???????) is a russo-orthodox band on the top of Karaulnaya Mountain in Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk region, Russia. There is Paraskevi devoted to Iconium (Paraskeva Pyatnitsa). Until the Cossacks arrived, there was a Tartar heathen sanctuary on the present site of the hermitage.

A businessman by the name of Novikov erected a wood band at this place in 1805 in thanksgiving for the rescue from a whirlwind of rapid. A different account of the building's erection is that the locals rebuilt the hermitage because of the liberation of their forefathers from their foes.

However, this edifice was dilapidated after some years. Athanasy, Tomsky's episcopal priest, gave the Duma of the town a permit to build a stony hermitage in 1852. From 1852 to 1855 it was designed by the architect Ya. 1887 the famous researcher and discoverer of radios Aleksander Popov watched the sun darkness from the oratory.

To commemorate this, a commemorative tablet made of stone was placed on the eastern front of the house in 1977. It was deserted during the time of the Soviets. From 1973 to 1975 the house was renovated with the help of the A. S. Brusnikin project. By 2014, the hermitage was coloured again according to its historic color.

It has been a landmark of the area since 1980. Today the chapel is an important place of sanctuary for the inhabitants and tourists of Krasnoyarsk. There are a large number of fiancée and bride on their way to the chapel to make a mutual affirmation of affection. This chapel, the town' s emblem, adorns the 10 ruble music.

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