Pyate definition: the magpie | meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. A warlock from Qarth, Pyat Pree was also a member of the Thirteen. One of Qarth's warlocks, Pyat Pree is a wise man who claims mystical powers. Pyat. pyat.

pyat. pyat synonyms, pyat pronunciation, pyat translation, English dictionary definition of pyat. or n the magpie adj pied.


A bad night for reporters and authors who can't beat Herod Blanqui and Pyat. I was used to all kinds of bird, from pyat to wagtails. You can guess whether Pyat used adjective against the absconder. Pyat, whom he had often silence in one single sentence, detested him and never stopped being undermined.

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He was a Qarth Warlock, and a member of the Thirteen. One of Qarth's wartlocks, Pyat Pree is a sage man who draws mysticism. He and the remainder of his order live in the enigmatic House of the Immortals in the town of Qarth.

Although the might and esteem for the wizards has decreased significantly over the years and many have dismissed them as little more than quacks who perform salon moves, Pyat Pree traditions and customs have earned them a place among the Thirteen. As one of the Qarth Warlocks Pyat Pree had a number of magic skills.

Pree had the capacity to magic replicate himself, as he showed when he impressed Taenerys with this capability upon their arriving in Qarth, and also when he murdered eleven of the Thirteen by replicating himself. When he escaped Taenerys and her men after killing eleven members of the Thirteen by vanishing into thin air, Pyat Pree had the capacity to transport himself from one place to another.

When she explored the rooms of the House of the Immortals, Pyat Pree could build magic delusions to seduce humans, as he threw several delusions at Daenerys. It had the power to magically draw bodily things from the sky, as it shows when it magically ties Daenerys in the House of the Immortals.

Together with the other Qarth wartlocks, he was probably an experienced alertist, since he regularly drunk the shadow of the night, which gave his lip its bluish color. The Ghost of Harrenhal" is a demonstration of Pyat Pree's powers. "of the Immortals.

The Pyat Pree and his doppelgangers stand above the killed Thirteen. Pyat Pree is a pallid man with dark purple lip in the fiction A Song of Ice and Fire, like most of his order. Together with Xaro Xhoan Daxos and Quaithe, he approaches Daenery's Targaryen in the destroyed town Vaes Tolorro (not in the TV series) and invites her to Qarth (instead of welcoming Daenery's to Qarth on the TV show).

Later, he invited her to the house of the immortals and instructed her how to move inwards without getting bogged down. There is no way Pree can summon doppelgangers in the book; he neither steals Daenerys' dragon, nor does he try to lock it up, nor is he murdered. He' not a member of the Thirteen.

Pyat Pree is furious with her after leaving the Immortals' house because she has burned the castle and injured his lords, the Immortals. Soon, Pyat Pree finds out that the remaining sorcerers are gathered to work on her sick. So she has no other option but to depart Qarth as a matter of urgency.

Pyat Pree is still after her. A number of other detainees are taken to his prison ward, two of them are eastern warlocks. 3. He is hung on a chevron by the dumb, and he keeps yelling "Pree" as he vibrates; Aeron has no clue what the tormented man means by that term, thinking that it may be the name of the devil he adores.

It' not clear if this wizard is Pyat Pree.

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