The Pyapon is a city and seat of the Pyapon District in the Ayeyarwady Division of Myanmar, along the Pyapon River, a tributary of the Ayeyarwady River. Piapoon, city, southern Myanmar (Burma). The Pyapon is a town in Ayeyarwady, Myanmar. The Pyapon is located in Myanmar (Pyapon District, Ayeyarwady) and the time zone Asia/Rangoon. Receive the Pyapon weather forecast.

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The Pyapon Distrikt (Burmese: ????????????) is a subdistrict of the Ayeyarwady Division in southwestern Myanmar.... They' re Pyapon, Bogalay, Kyaiklat and Dedaye. There are the following municipalities in the district: There are 35 stations, 298 groups of villages and 1450 villages in the townships: This Ayeyarwady region site item is a stump.

Where' s Pyapon, Myanmar? Pyapon, Ayeyarwady Card

The Pyapon is a town in Ayeyarwady, Myanmar. At 16.29 degrees of Latitude and 95.68 degrees of longitude, it is 8m high. With 65,601 inhabitants, Pyapon is the fourth largest Ayeyarwady town. He works in the BURT timezone, i.e. he follows the same timezone as Pathein.

Many in Pyapon are facing an unknown post-war period.

This had a disastrous effect: a fishing industry was almost entirely wiped out and up to 700 operatives were either missed or killed. "This was the first windstorm in my 30 years of off-shore fishing in the midsummer. There was no expectation of such heavy wind this season," U Than Chaun, president of the Pyapon District Farmeries Federation, said to the Myanmar Times in Pyapon early this year.

More than 7 billion euros in gear and more than 12,500 fishermen were caught in the wind. The next few fellowship trips and volunteers and government emergency services spend the next few weeks rescuing those who had been mined. Most of the losses were suffered in the Pyapon township, where fishing is an important revenue-generating area.

"Much of Pyapon's riches have been wasted. We couldn't have expected this, of course, we've never had such weather," said a fiduciary of Pyapon's Pyi Lone Chanthar Tharsi Pagoda last weekend. Since last month's disaster, many other fishery vets, both labourers and proprietors, have come to similar conclusion, apparently claiming only 700 deaths.

Besides the Kayar-net, the tiger-net, there is the Hmyaw-pike (driftnet) and the Sain-pike. However, the most frequent and important is the river Koyar Hecht, which lies on the ocean, about 80 nm from the coast, for seven to eight month of the year on moored floats of wood.

Every float has a group manager and two or three other people. A fishing operator usually owns 20 to 50 floats, each valued at around 2 million K, and two to four motors. If it is raining in poor conditions, the person in command decides whether the crew should get off the canoe.

Pyapon neighborhood No. 18, Ko Aye Lwin Oo, 35, was the group lead of a float in the Khar Pyut area of Pyapon Town, which floated at sea for five long evenings and evenings after the heavy breezes occurred on March 15. "Every cabin and structure on our boat has been blowing away by the breeze.

They were about 9 meters high and sunk the river quickly because it was moored in the ocean. Everything was happening so quickly before we knew it, the whole thing was so serious that if we had remained on the boat, we would definitely have been slaughtered. So, we left the boat, cut off the cable that attached it to the zinc ton and drove into the ocean.

"Against a backdrop of strong winds for more than two successive workdays. Alternating to get on the boat while the remainder of us stuck to our sides and floated in the ocean for five whole day and five night without rations of fresh drink. Mr U Than Chaun said that privately owned ships, naval ships and employees of fishing and management authorities from coastal townships as well as district authorities took part in the bailout, as well as some voluntary workers.

Most of the fishers were kept in auxiliary shelters for several nights before they returned home. "We had about 300 to 400 other people in the lifeguard shelter. There for two nights we agreed to come home and received K1000 to pay our expenses.

"From Tabaung [March 25], nine and a half nights after the beginning of the tempest, I returned on the 6th Decreasing of Tabaung. Whilst most workmen, such as Ko Aye Lwin Oo, returned safe, U Than Chaung said that more than 600 were still lacking in Pyapon on April 1. Some of the workmen did not notify the association when they returned and are still on the missed persons lists, so we cannot yet publish an accurate mortality rate.

We' re still awaiting the missed workers," said U Than Chaun more than two week after the hurricane. Myint Aung, 45, from the town of Ownpin, Dedaye Town, was at the mercy of the sea current for three whole orchestras. Haingyikyun," said U Myint Aung, vice president of Shwe Own pin Kyar Pike Fishing.

Khin Maung Aye, president of a union for hake, sting and bonkyaung shops, said that foreign meteorological forecasts had drawn the association's attention to problems. It ended the winter seasons of September to March, which can only end at the end of April.

As a rule, the timber owner gives the rafters their seasonal wage and a fee depending on the amount of fish caught. Some of the workmen, however, had not been compensated until the beginning of April, while others had been given only a small amount, such as 10,000 K or 20,000 K.

We know that[the storm] was also a big shock for the shopkeepers, and they dropped a big amount, so we can assume if they give us just half what we are owed," U Khan Hla, of Pyapons No. 18 fourth, said on April 1. The head of the U Than Chaun fishing association, who also operates a genuine Cyar shop, admits that some proprietors have not yet settled their bills with the workmen.

Usually, however, he said that fishermen give their salaries in anticipation before the fish seasons begin, and at the end of the year it is even possible for laborers to thank the fishermen for their work. "This year, under the given conditions, some proprietors have depreciated this amount.

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