***** Internationale Karriere[edit]>> 0000-2008Air Bagan F.C. Pyae Phyo Aung (born 19 November 1987) is a Burmese player and the defense of the Myanmar and Yangon United teams [1] He is the three-time Myanmar NHL winners with Yangon United. Currently he is a member of Myanmar's international club Strandfootball. The biographic report about the Burmese FA is a stump.

Phyo Han Pyae: September 13, 1989 - May 30, 2016

One old spirit, Pyae Phyo Han, wisely beyond his years, made a great impression on all who knew him. "Working harder, playing hard" was not only his philosophie, but also his way of living. They greeted their only baby, Pyae Phyo Han, on September 19 this year. Piae was in Yangon, Myanmar, but his many facets of his early years were no different from those of many US kids at the age.

He has played videogames for thousands of years - so much so that he once mortgaged his bike to get paid to buy more videogames! Later Pyae was taken over by Daw Shu Kyi Ide and Timothy E. Ide. Pyae was known for his teenage years.

At the age of 17, there were great changes for Pyae when he abandoned Yangon in the United States and landed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Beginning to take collegiate classes in Philadelphia, Pyae soon found himself willing to move on to larger and better things. In 2007, Pyae's career took another big turn when he got to know the passion of his own existence, May Thu Kyaw.

He was educated in Singapore and Pyae was in the USA when they got together. Two years of dating, and they were good to start living together. You were at a Yangon, Myanmar ceremonial on July 2, 2009, man and woman. February 12, 2016 Pyae and May greeted a gorgeous Hsaung-Yoon May Han in their heart and at home.

It is always the caregiver, it is no wonder that paternity was a matter of course for Pyae. Pyae-May and Pyae have worked tirelessly and conducted their sushi activities in groceries around Michigan, which include Detroit, St. Joseph and Kalamazoo. Following his "work harder, try harder" philosophie, he also took a moment to participate in the joys of the world.

Loving to see and act football, Pyae would also be sure to record one or two football matches if he were broadcast on television and the inter-enter. At home in the USA you can find Pyae if you listen to different kinds of musical styles, enjoy TV shows like X Factor or The Wandering Dead or enjoy Burma films and comedy.

Pyae has never overcome his passion for video gaming and continues to play as an independent game. He was also actively involved in his buddhistic beliefs and often visited sacred rites in Lansing, Michigan and Fort Wayne Indiana cloisters. With his relaxed manner, humour and generosity of mind, he will remind us of Pyae Phyo Han.

He' s achieved a lot in his brief lifetime, but the most important thing is the enduring impact he has left on the communities around him. and he was a living example every single of it. Phyo Han Pyae suddenly passed away on May 30, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois at the tender ages of 26.

The service will take place on Saturday (June 4) at 4 pm at the Life Story Funeral Homes, Betzler - Kalamazoo; 6080 Stadium Drive (375-2900), where the tour begins at 3 pm.

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