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CHIPPER.DOC with Champion - Imancini

Chip V2.11 is a game assembly for a play object interface named Chip-8 and three chip-48, Super Chip-48 V1.0 and V1.1 Emulator. It has been published by Christian Egeberg 2/11-'90 . 20/8-'91. To use this assembly you need the following: You may also need the HP48 decoder ASC->... command block, except for the call of CDP1802 commands... computers, and also offer some extra functions... bit long and boot from even memories... Sounds timers are not zero.

The following key bindings are shown: Interpreter, which supports any optical code, and the Chipper V2.11 interpreter as well. Chip 48 statements are applicable to chip 48. SECURITIES10 statements require Super Chip-48 V1.0. CHIP11 commands require Super Chip-48 V1.1. Commands are: ; store V0... VX in RPL custom flag; get V0. write VX from RPL custom flag.

Further Chippers V2.11 guidelines are: Chip V2.11 disastrous errors: Chip V2.11 Warnings: You should call chip V2.11 with: where Target is destination file name. stacks and execute the corresponding chip-48, super chip-48 V1.0 or V1.1 following table: Difference to Chiper V1.12: * Posted in C to run on a larger number of machines. However, due to the large use of pointer.

The order of the commandline parameter has been modified by the addition of MS-DOS-like extension files; No specific session to ask for filename; Illicit optcode alerts and various assembly language sessions. It has been debugged on a small number of Kernighan-Ritchie C available today. As far as I know, the application has behave reasonably, Microsoft C V6.00 for MS-DOS: The development of Chip V2.11: HP48 players enjoying their Chip-48 gaming for a long while to come..... is still a great Chip-48 gaming.

Chip 48 is (C) copyrighted 1990 Andreas Gustafsson. The Super Chip-48 V1.0 and V1.1 are mods by Erik Bryntse. It is ( (C) 1991 Christian Egeberg. are still intact, and all changed version are clearly labeled as such.

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