Pwe 50 Motorbike

Motorbike Pwe 50

50 years old bikes YAMAHAHA PEWEE Type 2005 The PW50 2008 Series. This year modified by North Star Yamaha and since then only driven twice. Great first bicycle! The WANT TO BUY PEWEE 50 WANT TO BUY 50 ASAAP! please see the app!

We' re sellin' the pee-wee 50'cause the guys have grown'em. This motorcycle is in very good shape.

I' m not sure if it is the year of construction, because we purchased it second handed.

Pw 50 | Yamaha Motor Australia

The PW50 is designed to be driver-friendlier, making it clear why this 2 stroke 50 cc is very popular with children and family. One of the security characteristics is an adjustment butterfly valve, with which the parent can restrict the maximum driving speeds according to the driver's ability - and the included cardan actuator cuts down the amount of servicing.

There is no need to fear, it is a 50 cc 2-stroke motor that runs through a fully automated transmission for easy twist-and-go-output. Featuring a light, air-cooled 50 cc 2-stroke PW50 motor, it has been specially developed to meet the needs of new drivers. The fully automated transmission ensures driver-friendly "twist-and-go" power - and the easy butterfly valve limitation allows the parent to adapt the maximum driving pace to the driver's ability.

Almost every function on this remarkably small bike is engineered to make the PW50 enjoyable to own and use. Completely closed gimbal system is neat and silent, which together with the low-maintenance construction makes this system the first option for new drivers and families who want an easier one.

With a thermal shields for additional insulation, this light tube is installed near the motor to provide additional floor space and better insulation. It has a similar handle bar design to a bike, with the rear wheel brakes actuated with the right and the front wheel brakes with the right-handed.

Weighing only 39 kg, it is a sturdy little bike that has been built for years of enjoyment. The 3-spoke 10-inch PW50 is powerful and easily cleaned - and for a lot of traction the PW50 works on 2.5-inch broad-tires.

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