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Poodle cat petit seal mink a réservé ! Small Poodle Cat Mink booked! Newest tweets from Pudel Katze (@pudelkatze). Second theory was that the rexed Scottish folds were due to the Devon Rex gene about the poodle cat. Poodle cat was created and developed through selective breeding by a Scottish Fold breeder:


Pudelkatze is a new kennel by Dr. Rosemarie Wolf, born 1987 in Starnberg (Germany), descended from Devon Rex, Scotch Foldand European Shorthair. It' now found in Europe, but it is a very hard breed: these females, like the Scotch Fold, can have skeleton flaws. Some breeder want to implement the tail-less character by crossbreeding the poodle cat with the Munchkin cat.

Poodle cats are of average size. As the Scottish fold it shows drooping eyes. It' got a soft, frizzy, short fur like the Devon Rex, but thicker.

Profile for Murri the poodle cat from Helsinki

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Overview of our catteries

Below is a listing of some of the most important breed and crosses of cats[ 1] that are not recognised by the main domestic or multinational registers, such as the United States, Europe and Australasia's TICA (International Cat Association), the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) in the United Kingdom, the Fédération Internationale Féline (FiFE) in mainland Europe, the North America Fanciers' Association (CFA) or the newer World Catholic Federation in Germany.

This type of cats can be recognised by one of the smaller catteries. Small registers are the Rare and Exotic Feline Register (REFR), The Dwarf cat Association (TDCA) and others. These lists contain only those races that are recognised by at least one existing multiracial register, whether domestic or other. Breeder of some minor races are looking for active appreciation for them, but have not yet received it.

As an example, in areas where the love of formality is still in its early stages, indigenous species that occur in nature - landraces - can be considered minor races if efforts of selected breeders have started to cultivate a formally unified species, as is the case with the Aegean and Van males.

Others minorities are raised for personal use and accidentally draw an unofficial fan base. Some registers may or may not recognise minorities; they may be denied for a wide range of grounds (e.g. dissimilarity with an established race, health issues related to the race in statistical terms, etc.).

While some may have a "provisional" state in one or more registers, with existing conformational testing methods, they may not be sustainable in the longer run. Differences between race titles can often lead to confusions; sometimes the name adopted by one registrar is also used elsewhere for a completely different race; for example, the race known in Australia as "Burmilla Longhair" is similar to the "Asian Semi-longhair" in Great Britain (also known as " Tiffanie "), but Australia already has a completely different race known as "Australian Tiffanie" and different from the US "Tiffany" (also known as Chantilly-Tiffany).

This conflict is reduced by better communications between registrars, which is largely made easier by the web and the World Congress of Cats. Foldex, also known as Exotic Fold, is a species of cats that was born in the Quebec area. Owyhee bobsleigh is a mixture of the Siamese and Manx kitten races and comes from the USA.

Owyhee Bob is a Colourpoint race (like the Siamese), of middle to large-sized. They' re a tribe of vowels. At the moment they are only recognised by the Rare and Exotic Feline Registry. Van cats are land breeds from Lake Van in Turkey (not to be mistaken for the standardised Turkic Van race or the Turkic Angora).

There is a state-sponsored kennel programme in progress to produce some examples in a standardised kitten race with solid characteristics. New or experimental breeds. Accessed August 16, 2016. Accessed April 7, 2013. Rare & Exotic Feline Registry:Alpine Lynx". Accessed April 7, 2013. Rare and Exotic Feline Registry.

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