Public Holidays in Myanmar 2017

Holidays in Myanmar 2017

13, 14, 15, 16 April, Maha Thingyan Festival. 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 April, New Year's Day in Myanmar. 4 weekends; 1 holidays; 2 days for ethnic affairs;

3 office hours and bank hours; 5 references; 6 external links. Date Name, Date(2017), Date(2018), Number of days, Comments. Bank holiday, date, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

Myanmar and Thailand - Holidays

This is a new updated from the Myanmar administration since our last post: On the occasion of the Thailand Water Festival (Songkarn Festival) our Bangkok, Thailand branch is closing for three (3) working day from April 13th (Th) to April 17th (Mon). During this period, even governments are shut down.

Operation will be resumed on April 18, 2017. During the holidays, requests are not handled by the relevant Aliens Department. It is recommended that organizations take the above vacation times into account when scheduling appointments and travel.

The Yangon International Airport

February 12Trade Union DayAnniversary of the 1947 Panglong Agreement. March zPeasants DayAnniversaire du Soleil. April 13-16Thingyan FestivalCelebrates and hosts the Burmese New Year Festival. May 8Full moon of KasonJahrestag der Geburt, Erleuchtung und des Todes des Buddha durch irrigation des Bodhi-Baumes. July 26Start of the Buddhist Lenten Festival of Lights.

October 23End of the Buddhist Lent Festival of Lights. October 30DeepavaliMarks the New Year of Hinduism. RamadhanStart of Ramadhan (30 days)Date differs according to Muslim calender. Celebrate the beginning of the Ramadhan fast. SyawalHari Raya Aidil Fitri (2 days)Date differs according to Muslim calender. Celebrate the end of Ramadhan, the time of fast.

DonjijiahHari Raya Aidil AdhaDate differs according to the Muslim calender. It reminds us of Ibrahim's readiness to offer up his child Ishmael as submission to Allah. December 1stNational DayJubilee of the first student strikes in 1920. December 25Christmas DayThis Christmas Day is celebrating the Nativity of Jesus Christ.

Holidays in Myanmar 2017

Myanmar has over 30 public holidays. Burma has many festivities like Thingyan, Thadingyut, Kasong, Waso, Tazaungmone and they all have at least one feast day for each feast. Thingyan, also known as Myanmar (Burma) New Year, is one of the largest holidays in Myanmar and has 5 holidays.

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