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Phi Theta Kappa's aim is the recognition and promotion of scholarships among two-year-olds. In order to reach this goal, Phi Theta Kappa will offer opportunities for the advancement of guidance and services, an intelligent environment for the sharing of thoughts and visions, a living community for scientists and to stimulate interest in continuous scientific excellency.

Theta Kappa has a similar name to Phi beta Kappa, an honorary association for university students and four-year-olds. The Phi Theta Kappa president has addressed Phi Theta Kappa and the two companies have established common programmes to promote the advancement of alumni from communal and youth schools to four-year positions.

It was founded in 1910 at Stephens Collegium, a two-year women's school in Missouri, under the name Kappa Phi Omicron. In 1918 the company was known as Phi Theta Kappa and was national. Phi Theta Kappa was formally recognised by the American Association of Junior Colleges in 1929 and became the Honorary Association of two-year institutes.

This unmistakable golden keypin was introduced in 1930 and is described by Phi Theta Kappa as follows: In the middle of the plate there is a dark enamelled ribbon on which three Grecian characters appear, which are the letters of three mystical Grecian words that mean phronimone (Phi), humus (theta), catharotes (kappa) and "wisdom", "striving" and "purity".

Phi Theta Kappa members have the opportunity to earn some of more than $37 million in grants provided to Phi Theta Kappa members only. Affiliates also automatically get National Dean' s List nominees and exclusive Phi Theta Kappans vacancies. Each year Phi Theta Kappans attends several meetings, the annual convention (also known as the Catalyst or International Convention) usually takes place from the beginning to mid-April.

Altogether there were 92 different naming and authentication agreements for Phi Theta Kappa. Each year, different areas of the United States host different annual conferences. In 2008, the Congress was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with some 3,000 members of Phi Theta Kappa. This year' s congress took place in Grapevine, Texas.

About 4,000 members of Phi Theta Kappa took part. More than 3,600 participants took part in the 2010 congress in Orlando, Florida. 5 ] The 2011 Congress took place in Seattle, Washington, with more than 3,600 participants covering more than 500 sections. 6 ] The 2012 Congress was in Nashville, Tennessee with a combined attendance of 4,030.

The 2013 Congress took place in San Jose, California, with 3,450 participants. Congress 2014 took place in Orlando, Florida, at the Walt Disney World Resort, where 4,102 members participated. Congress 2016 took place in National Harbor, Maryland, where 3,876 members from 591 sections participated. Congress 2017 was in Nashville, Tennessee.

Centennial celebration 2018 took place in Kansas City, Missouri, the home of Phi Theta Kappa. 4,141 members took part, thus establishing a new visitor records. Phi Theta Kappans at the World Congress recognizes the accomplishments of Rotary Foundation members for their work on an Honors in Action Project and/or College Project, as well as the recognition of outstanding members, senior officials, officers' crews, consultants and admins.

The election of the five world leaders will also take place at the annual conference. As well as the annual convention, Phi Theta Kappans attends the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Institute, a one-week convention usually in June. Alumni associations have become an important part of Phi Theta Kappa's development in recent years.

Though the oldest of the Society's graduate societies are college-based societies linked to established sections, the development of regional student societies has been seen in recent years of the 20th decade as a means of increasing the involvement and assistance of scholars. These include Zeta of New York, the New York Region alumni association, which Phi Theta Kappa' New York resident graduates and New York section scholars.

Cataline, Christopher Strang and Rebecca Chapin, Zeta of New York, like other local federations, have used the greater Beijing Association Platforms to broaden memberships, broaden the program and extend New York Region's and society's reach. Zeta of New York has increased from 10 to almost 1,000 members since 1996.

Every year, the association awards extensive grants for international student grants and supports the region in organising an international congress, a weekend of honour and management seminars. The years since the founding of Zeta of New York have been followed by other states and territories such as Carolina's region (Alpha Omega), Ohio, Missouri, Michigan, Nevada-California, New England and the Central States.

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