Protector of the small Quartet

Guardian of the little quartet

Please click on one of the titles to learn more about the book or to order it. Protector of the small archives The lioness, Keladry of Mindelan, has lived her whole lifetime following in the steps of her heroine Alanna. At last old enough to be trained as a knight, she soon realizes that exercise is permitted, although she is a girl who doesn't make things easy. The guardian of the little one has a tough way to go with the returning of treacherous magic beings from the realms of the gods and the imminent danger of battle.

Protectress of the Little Quartet of Tamora Pierce

amora Pierce's New York Times bestseller The Protector of the Small Quartet is now available in an e-book lineup, which includes First Test, Page, Squire and Lady Knight. Keladry of Mindelan (known as Kel) is the first woman in the mediaeval and fantastical kingdom of Tortall to benefit from the edict that allows a woman to become a knight.

However, not everyone in Tortall thinks that a women is up to the job, and Kel is severely discriminated against. She conquers the heart of her contemporaries with unprecedented resolve and strength of command and shows that she is a not to be underestimated one! Kel's adventurous trip is full of friendliness, romanticism and memorable adventures, from the rehearsal page to the Lady Knight.

Protectors of the Small | Tamora Pierce Wiki

Those ledgers show Kel's way to the throne. Kel follows the first year of her education in the first year. She' s recently come back from the Yamani Islands. Like most youngsters, the instructor is one side. In fact, the instructor persuades the Kel to grant Kel a probationary time.

to Kel for the remainder of her page years. She was able to convince the instructor that she could stay in the castle and keep her education as a side. However, the instructor doesn't like them and makes no mystery of it.

As a pageboy, she ends up with the big tests in which she has to show that she has the skills to become a pageboy. Kel's third protector volume depicts his next four years in miner education. It is Raoul of Goldenlake who has decided to become her knightly masters.

And Raoul is as different as a man could be from her first apprentice, Lord Wyldon. Not only does it allow her to wear and use her selected gun, the Yamani Glow, but it also takes her knightly gymnastics skills to the next levels. She encounters a broad range of old and new faces, among them Yamani prince Shinkokami and her wives, a very restless miner, a child's grip and a metallic creature like she has never seen before.

But Kel can never be forgotten what she expects as a miner after her nocturnal picket in the mid-winter of her forth year: the chamber of examination. Kel made his first appearances as a knight of the realm in the 4th Protector Books. Your county commandant Lord Wyldon has decided not to put her in command of a frontier guard or part of the military like the other warriors, so she is sure that he wants to keep her - who as a female in battle is considered less worthy than men in battle.

But it is unveiled that she was selected for her position because she is the only chevalier Wyldon knows who would not be a victim of discrimination against those who are not of nobility: Wildmage Daine; Daines mistress, the great magician Numair; Neal's own sire, Duke Baird of Queenscove; Kel's former chevalier Raoul of Goldenlake and Malorie's Pac; King's Own men (including Kel's boyfriend and Neal's cousin, Sergeant Domitan of Masbolle);

But as the summers continue and the battle gets tougher, things move to get this perverse magician and his unscrupulous warlord on Kel's way, and finally their determination is checked, and she and all of Tortall find out if she really is upright. She' named as a dear girlfriend of Princess Shinkokami.

For several years Kel lived on the Yamani Islands, where she learnt to apply her combat skills and her way of using the glaciers.

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