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? To protect yourself is self-defense. "Sometimes the absence of people is the only protection you have for your heart. " " " " " " " Protection Quotes. "Every man I meet wants to protect me.

He loves us and wants to protect us.

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In the following you will find our compilation of inspiring, sage and funny old protection quotations, protection claims and protection speeches, which have been gathered over the years from a multitude of wellsprings. "It is self-defence to protect yourself. To protect others is warfare. "Sometimes the absence of humans is the only protection you have for your own hearts.

? Protecting is not a matter of principles, it makes sense. "The protection of personal ownership is a basic right safeguarded in a powerful democratic system. "A guardian can't defend someone who doesn't want to be defended. "The goal of protection is to empower men to wield that force. "The best protection for human beings is not necessarily to believe everything that humans tell them.

? You be good to others, it will keep you from harm. "Protection is the first need for luxuries and luxuries. "One of the best protection against disappointments is when there's a great deal going on. "It was simpler to be courageous when someone needed your protection. "The protection of the right to religion means taking into account the religions and convictions of all those concerned.

? Sometimes even the mighty needed protection. "Protectiveism is the institutionalisation of the economy's founder. "A man without a voice is a man without protection. "The protection of people' s lives can be expensive, but so can the negligence of this protection. "The true protection of lives and properties, always and everywhere.

? Safety and protection are only of value if they do not hinder one' s live overly. "The protection of a man's personality is holier than the protection of his possession. "The best arrester for your protection is your own vertebra.

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And Harry recalled his first nightmare excursion into the woods, the first one when he had met the then Voldemort and how he had confronted him, and how he and Dumbledore had talked about a lost struggle not long after that. Dumbledore said it was important to struggle, and again to struggle, and continue to struggle, for only then could we keep the bad in check, even if never completely exterminated.

Whoever produces a toxin also has the remedy. You know, you produce a viral, you have the antiviral. The one who makes a mess also has the capacity to make it. The one who arouses hatred also has the capacity to turn him into it. The one who makes poverty also has the capacity to ruin it with goodness.

The one who makes you sad also has the capacity, fortunately, to conceal it. The one who makes it dark can also be raised to enlightenment.

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